Monday, April 27, 2015

It's here! Leaving the MTC tomorrow!

Again, a picture worth a 1000 words! The MTC, how beautiful it was!
How proud I am of my beautiful girls :)
Last goodbye! 3:30 am

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well my last week at the MTC is over!!! I honestly don't really know what to say for this week because it's gone so fast!! Main things that happened were: We got to be traffic hosts for the new missionaries which was way fun! Sister Landbeck got her reassignment to California, but wait for it...... her visa came in!! We are all going together!!!!! Its seriously such a blessing!! Same with Sister Makelle Smith getting her reassignment to Montana!!! Other than that it's just been a lot of studying Portuguese!
What I did want to talk about were the top three things that I've learned in my experience here in the MTC! 1. From day one I have been learning how to be more Christlike and deepen my conversion to Christ! Honestly my mission so far is exactly what I asked for when I was living in Provo on my own. I asked that I could know how to become more like my Savior because I knew I was missing something. Heavenly Father is helping me so much to learn!! 2. I've learned a lot about being patient and trusting God! Everyday it seems like there's something I'm struggling with, but every day when I ask for help God answers my prayers and I see His hand working in my life! 3. I've learned what it means to be a good companion! I'm not going to lie it is really hard to be with someone all day everyday especially someone you didn't get to pick! But I know it's helping me learn so much about my self and about how the Savior feels with me! I know Sister Landbeck was chosen for me to learn specific things while I'm here at the MTC and I will always be forever grateful to have her friendship in my life!! I was also blessed to have Makelle here with me, I think that is one thing I'm going to miss when I'm in Portugal, not having someone so close to me be so far away!
Well and that concludes my week and MTC experience!! The MTC has absolutely changed my life, and if I've already grown and learned so much here, I cannot wait to see whats in store in Portugal!!!!! Ciao!!!!!!!
Update: Sister Landbeck did get her visa! She is going now!
Silly Elders!

Portugal, here they come!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Wow this week has been awesome! I am so ready to serve in Montana! We got to do a session in the temple as a district and that was way neat. I remember praying for peace about my reassignment, and I felt really good and calm after that. Then I got my reassignment to Billings, Montana and everything fit together! I love that the Lord is paying attention and supports me in the desires of my heart. He loves us so much, He may not give us everthing we want when we want it, but He will help us along the way and make everything better through the atonement.
We got to host the new misisonaries this week and that was so cool! I was able to reflect on how far I have come since I first arrived here and what I have learned!
Haha one of the days here we found a rat in our room! It was absolutely hilarious, and for a good hour we were running around and screaming in our room! Haha eventually we scared it out of our room.
I finished the Book of Mormon in less than six weeks, wow what an experience for me. After I had finished I prayed to Heavenly Father and I bore my testimony about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and I felt the spirit so strong! I know that this church is true with my whole heart and I know that Jesus is the Christ and our true Savior. I have gained a desire to learn this past week. To learn about everything that this earth has to offer. Knowledge is so important and so valuable, I have realized this here. I am so excited for what the future will hold here in this mission and after!
This past Sunday I was chosen one of two missionaries to give a talk in sacrament meeting. And of course the mission president, Pres. Burgess and his wife chose to sit in our meeting this Sunday! I gave my talk on the Atonement and how it has made me a better missionary. How the atonement is for comfort and strength and that through Jesus Christ we can be made whole again. Pres. Burgess said that because of Christ we can all feel of worth to the Father. As we draw nearer to Christ He will draw nearer to us! He said that it was nice to hear me speak and that they are blessed to have two Smith sisters as missionaries! They are so sweet!
Today was amazing! I had my exit interviews with my teachers, I love them so much! They have both helped me and built me up time and time again. My mission would have been so different without them. Truly their strength and testimonies have inspired me and I will never forget the influence they have had on my life. Irmo Workman left us with a prayer. The neatest thing happened in the prayer he prayed for us individually and for our needs. It was so special, it felt like my Dad was saying a prayer for me. He asked that because of my love and praise for the Savior I have, others would feel of His love as well. Also that because I am happy and excited about the gospel they will listen to me and be part of the joy of the gospel as well. So neat, He is one of my hero's for sure! He has given me such great advice! One is to always say more personal prayers in port. and I will not lose any of my language, so awesome!!
Well, this is it! Time for the "real" work to begin! First Montana, then Brazil! I have complete faith in the Lord and in His timing for me. I love my God and this gospel. I am so excited to be His instrument! Love you all, wish me luck!
Thank you for watching over our sons and daughters!
Called to Serve in Montana & Brazil!
Today they welcome new Sister Missionaries,
Oh I feel for those moms!
Irmo (Instructor) Workman
Perfect snap shot!
Thank you Irma Kimball!
Sister Smith loves you so much!
Thank you Irmo Workman!
You are one of Makelle's hero's!
Irma Kimball
A mouse in the room!
This is what it looks like at the end of the day!

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