Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Super Interesting Week & Patience....

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(Sister Courtney Smith)
So this week has been super interesting! This is going to be more of a personal update rather than a mission one but here we go.
After Conference I've really been trying to apply some of the talks and answers to my questions in my life! Especially devoted discipleship = PEACE. I've known this for all of my life but I haven't really lived up to my baptismal covenants to the very very best I could. I have defiantly been learning this principle throughout my personal conversion to the Lord. It's been so interesting to see my self start to change. We first have to give up our big sins that are not allowing us to progress and become like the Savior. A lot of the times we don't realize they are big until we start to think: what is the one thing in my life that's holding me back from completely having the spirit in my life? Is there in specific one thing that I can work on? When I was able to let go of some of my self I've been able to see my self more and more committed to Christ. I've been feeling the spirit in my life again and I've had more peace. This week has been especially difficult for me. I have been facing my self like never before. I'm really trying to become more Christ like, I really have been praying in faith, studying the scriptures, and trying to be patient. It's been such a learning process but I know my Savior can heal my imperfections, I know I can be better and all I can do is be better each day. I know I am better because I'm putting forth effort (action).
Another thing I've been trying to focus on is feeling the spirit and hearing its promptings. I've been getting frustrated with my self because I feel like after every meeting with an investigator I know that there are things I should have done, and the teacher always points it out in the class. But everything I'm learning is amazing! The principles they teach help me see why I'm doing things and how what I'm teaching is not about me and what I want to teach, it's about The Savior and how He wants me to teach. I know this is an experience I will always remember for the rest of my life!
I was able to teach the relief society lesson with Sister Landbeck and it was awesome! We talked about spiritual gifts and how we are all able to gain every single one! The spirit was definitely there and I hope I can teach like I did, on my mission!
Also God blessed us on Sunday!!!! We were walking back from the temple and I saw a family trying to take a picture all together because there little girl was in a white dress. I asked if we could help take a picture because it looked difficult and they said: yes obrigado!! Sister Landbeck and I immediately looked at each other and we lit up!! This family is Portuguese!!! We started talking to them in Portuguese and about their life! They were from Brazil and were here so the Father could go to BYU and learn English!!! It was such a blessing to know the little Portuguese I do have I can and will be able to communicate on my mission!!! I also was able to see how important families are! I had so much love for their family and I can't wait to go teach families in Portugal!!!
I know this gospel is true, I feel it more and more every single day! 2 more weeks!!!!

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(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week I learned a lot about patience. Patience with my district, my investigators, and most importantly myself.
We had a devotional and I really liked what she said God feels towards his children " I love these people, find them teach them, lift them up, and bring them into the gospel." I love this, I promised these people and God to do exactly this before I came to this earth, and now I have the opportunity to do this!
The speakers mom, talked to my district and said that our missions will be hard in different ways but we need to be obedient and give it our all. Heavenly Father knows our desires and he knows that I am trying my best here. I have been getting frustrated with myself this week because I feel like my mind can only remember and recognized so many words. My companion said that God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called. I like this that sometimes I feel inadequate but that is ok because day by day God is making me into the missionary he needs out there. Sister Kendall said that if anyone in our district deserves blessings it would be sister Smith because of all the effort she puts into the language.
My district is so awesome and we all support each other. I really do love them and I feel like they are family now.
We had TRC again. We definitely felt the spirit, but I didn't say more than two sentences in each lesson. I couldn't understand or say a whole lot, when I am usually the one who talks the whole time. My teacher said don't let this experience hinder your faith in God's help. He said that God does all things for a reason and a purpose. He said to keep my chin up and to get back on the horse. He said I inspired him and that I was an example. My teacher is amazing!
I got a blessing from Elder Pacheco and it helped me to feel at peace. I was reminded to remember God's promises to me and to trust in him.
We taught "Jo" again, we only had 15 mins and we decided to talk about baptism. I bore my testimony at the end and I wanted him to have the desire to be baptized, after Sister Irizarry was suppose to bear her testimony or invite him to be baptized. But instead right after she looked at her watch and said well looks like it's time for you to go to work. Hahaha I just kept thinking WHY!!! haha we laughed pretty hard :)
Brother Cannon in our branch presidency said something really neat. He said that it's because of our trials and afflictions we will be able to have more feeling and conviction when we bear our testimonies to our investigators. I really liked this because I know I have a testimony and whether I can speak Portuguese or not the spirit can be there. My teacher said the determination of whether you are a good missionary is not based on your Portuguese. He said its based on your commitment and diligence in serving the Lord. I liked this because it reminds me of where my focus should be. I need to not trust in my own understanding but in the power of God. God is all powerful and if we keep the faith and keep pressing on He will deliver us.
Something my companion said was that God knew what trials and feelings I would have here. and he is the answer in helping me through it,  he knows what I need to be successful and I need to trust in him. My companion is the best she has truly helped my growth here. I hope we will serve together in the States and in Florianopolis. We get along so well I am sure we will be friends for forever! This mission is really hard, but through the Atonement of Christ anything is possible! Ate proximo vez, Amo voces! <3

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