Monday, May 25, 2015

Learning so much & Baptism May 28th!

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The queens that they are!
Loving Montana! 
(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was good! The work is moving along here in Montana! We went to this old vintage store and it was so neat! Sister Huerta taught me how to deal with people on the streets for Brazil that will come in handy! 
We have been visiting a lot of old ladies here. They usually have dementia or Alzheimer's. My comps think it's weird but I just talk with these sweet old ladies about whatever they say. I've learned that from visiting my grandmas old home and they are so grateful for our visits! 
Vanda is progressing. We had a member in our last lesson with us and wow it was so impactful the spirit was so strong and the two women could relate to each other and I loved it!  
I learned this week that being a companion isn't helping someone change their weaknesses but being someone to help guide them as a missionary and have your arm always extended if they want your help! Learning he role of who I should be here has been a huge lesson for me this week! 
We ran into our first bible basher. He believes the bible literally and because the BOM and Joseph Smith weren't exactly written he won't even try to see if it's true. We had scriptures that even prophecies of Joseph Smith and the restoration but he didn't care. I learned that some people just aren't ready and that my testimony is stronger even after all of that discussion. I still know who I am and what I believe! 
We volunteered again for another 5k! They are super fun and we get seen by a lot of people! We visit a lot of people in the hospital. It's sad but it gives them a good look at where their faith is! A lot of people that we teach say that we are different from most missionaries and that we have helped them grow their faith! That made me feel good that we are making a difference even if they don't want baptism yet. 
We got to teach the gospel doctrine class again! It wasn't as scary this time. Teaching a big group of adults is really hard for me, but they support us and think we are cute. One member said we had a glow about us! That was neat to hear. One member guessed my first name was Courtney and we all started laughing! That was cool! 
I finished the book of Matthew today and I feel so accomplished! I love reading the Book of Mormon and the bible together they are both truly testaments of Jesus Christ! I am learning so much about myself and the person I want to become. I am becoming more converted to this gospel everyday! My testimony is growing so much in this work and in this gospel! Till next time :)

Fresh food markets, love it!
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Baptism May 28th!!!!! 
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hello, this week has been so much better!!! I think I'm just getting more adjusted to being a missionary in Portugal! It´s still rough at times because they talk so fast but my companion has always got my back and helps clue me in on whats going on! I was having a hard time one day because it had all just boiled up and we were talking in companionship inventory, Sister Johnson was so nice to me and told me how she loved how I just love everybody and help them feel special! Wow she could tell that's all I want to do here! It made me feel so happy and has helped me keep a positive attitude!
Well A* is getting Baptised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a hot second we thought he was going to have to take so much time because he wasn´t accepting his answer, but all of the sudden last Monday he called us and said he probably had to go to the hospital so we met with him that night and asked him if he would like a priesthood blessing! He said yes and we called the Elders over. They gave him a very sweet blessing and he just felt the spirit so much! Turned out right after the blessing the Doctors called and told him he wouldn´t have to go in anymore!!! He just smiled and said when Elder Reni put his hands on his head he felt something very powerful! Soooo cool!!! So after we talked a little bit we asked about baptism again and he said lets see a calendar and he chose May 28th because December 28th was when his Grandma died and he said it is a special day for him!!!! We are going to meet our meta!!!!!! Such a blessing to know that miracles happen when you pray for them!!
The other sisters in our district had a baptism this week and it was so cool to see one and have A* there! He looked at the program and already chose who he wants to do things! He's so funny, he wants me to say the closing prayer and I feel honored :) He is very intelligent I swear he is going to be a stake president or patriarch some day!! He talked to the Elders and he got really excited because he says he wants to serve a mission as well! So we said next February you can start your papers! He's really excited because he´s 22 and can still serve!
I have a huge testimony on agency! That's something I´ve learned a lot about this week! This whole life is based on what we choose to think, act & do! So all of these people who don´t want to talk to us I just have to say to my self, you know what they get to choose for themselves! I´m here in the place of my Savior inviting them to accept and see what they could have! It makes me happy to know that I have my own agency and I can choose every single day to follow the Savior and choose to follow His plan again here on earth!
I know my Savior lives because every time I think of Him or bear testimony of Him I feel His love and spirit! 3 Nephi 18:24 Therefore, hold up your light that it may shine unto the world. Behold I am the light which ye shall hold up, that which ye have seen me do. We have the opportunity to share our light and our testimony the best way to share our testimony is be that light. Try to be as close as our Savior is as possible. When you think about making a decision or acting a certain way, think of how our Savior Jesus Christ would act and you will never regret a thing!
I am so grateful for my opportunity to serve here  and be a representative of him! Even though I´m not able to speak or understand much it's improving! And they all say I´m doing so good and I speak perfect! Well expect some awesome baptism pictures next week of me with a huge grin!!!!!! Love you!!

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