Monday, May 11, 2015

So much better! & Working really hard!

Happy to be in Portugal....NOW!
Apartment in Portugal
Streets of Viseu
Living quarters!
Shopping on P-Day! Their favorite store :)
Very European! I'm jealous! 
(Sister Courtney Smith)
So this past week has been so much better!!!!!! I can´t even believe how fast my outlook on this mission has changed! Well for one I was able to skype home and that just lifted my spirits so much to see my family that loves me so much!
The biggest thing that I wanted to talk about is how our conversion to Christ includes us consecrating our lives. This life isn´t just about us knowing there's a Christ and feeling His spirit, it's about giving everything we have to Him so He can then perfect us! I had a bad attitude last week because I felt like everything wasn't the way I wanted it to be, but then I read a talk about being a consecrated missionary and in that moment it flipped a switch and I was able to commit to being better! I´ve learned that God is not going to let us be content with our struggles, He will push us and asks for our all. But in return He makes our weaknesses strengths because if we are humble we are able to turn our lives to Christ even more than we thought before. I´m able to walk through the streets, have courage to talk to people even though they can´t understand me, and take criticism day after day. I know Christ is making me stronger and is preparing me for the rest of my mission! After teaching a couple lessons with A*, I am able to feel the true spirit of missionary work when I am able to bear testimony of things that are true! We don´t have a lot of investigators yet, but that's because we are opening up this new area. I know my job right now is to work hard and find the people in Viseu that need the gospel. This helps me stay happy even when people are rude or don´t want to talk, I know when we find that one family or that one person all the hard work will be worth it! I believe in Miracles!!! Plus I do get to eat gelato throughout my week so that makes me pretty happy :) Even though it's hard right now I can see the person God is molding me to be, and that's our Savior :) We are all in the refining process and it will take our whole life, but as we see our progress and feel His love we are able to withstand the heat and pressure till the end! I love you all!!!!

This is Montana?!
Not sure what this is doing on the porch.....
Now this is Montana! 
This is too!
If you look close the Temple is behind the barn.
Newest girl band...?
Sisters in the district!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
This area is slowly getting better! We keep working hard and I am starting to see small growth here! We had transfers this week and sister Van Ausdal came, she is such a great example to me!!  She is the Sister training leader and made me talk with people and get out of my comfort zone!! It strengthened my own confidence! I owe her a lot for that. We found a lot of interesting people and things while tracking this week! Haha but that's what makes it more fun!! We found this guy and I was testifying about the Book of Mormon and all of a sudden this other man came over counting his money and traded some drugs right as I was testifying! He took the BOM and said he wanted to come to Church. We were so scared! We went through all these alleys and a guy on a motorcycle stopped us and we talked to him. We tract in the ghetto and boondocks of Montana! It is so different than what I thought!
Then we drove west and visited a member. Her house was so cute she even had a barn and a view of the temple. This is what I expected Billings Montana to be! A lot of our appointments cancelled on us but Sunday was a miracle. Our new investigators came to sacrament and the two less active families came as well! We received a lot of referrals and contacted a lot of old investigators. We are trying to get this place moving!! We have about 15 investigators now, starting out with only 1!! We are working really hard to get the area book organized too. God is helping us, it is slow here but I am glad to help this place progress. I love these investigators some of the people here I feel so grateful to have met. They are just so sweet and care about God! They all need the Gospel! Til next week! :)

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