Monday, June 8, 2015

It's gorgeous here! & A very big Week!

New companion, Sister Huama
In Brazil

(Sister Makelle Smith)
My companion is awesome she is so sweet! She is from Peru and she is so nice! She really wants to help me and see me have success! Her name is Sister Huaman and she has been out for a year! So she will probably be my companion for the next 6 months! I depend on her so much! Wow,  I can't say or understand anything. Brazil is so awesome it's just how I pictured but so much prettier. It really is gorgeous here! Poor but it doesn´t feel too weird! We walk everywhere and we ride the bus most of the time. It's super different, I feel like the bus is like a roller coaster in the jungle it's actually pretty fun until you get motion sickness.
The food is awesome here pretty much like the restaurant Tucanos with less flavor. Yeah meat, salad with oil rice, pineapple guarana my favorite drink and potato salad. Not a lot of flavor here so that is interesting. It is so HOT here and it is winter! No rain where I am at. We are in the Campeche area and our ward is called Rio Travers. Wow our area is so big!
I love the ward they are so sweet, they love the missionaries. The women give each other kisses even to strangers. They smile a lot and are very animated when they talk.
I haven´t gotten sick yet, but I have been struggling a lot here. I literally can´t understand anything the people say it is so frustrating! They ask me like three times and I still can´t hear because they speak so fast! Then they laugh and talk with my companion. I don´t know how I am going to learn but eventually I will catch on. I want to understand so bad!
I live with Sister Irizarry and her companion Sister Esplin from Ecuador and it is so fun!I love living with them too! Today we cleaned the whole house. The elders before us again didn´t clean anything! There are soooooo many spiders it freaks me out! We sleep in bunk beds so I can´t use my tent, freaky! The wood that holds up my mattress falls like 3 times a night :( 
The mountains are so pretty and the beaches are too! We see at least one beach a day and it really is gorgeous here! Till next time, bye!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Another Baptism!

Hospital trip for a wrist injury :(

Pancake night! I guess they are eating ok :)

This week was a very big week!! I feel like so much has happened!! Well We had another baptism with cute "A"!! He was honestly already so prepared!! We just had to teach him the lessons. In one of our last lessons before his interview after we were done talking he just looked at us and kind of chuckled and said I feel like I´ve already been a Mormon for years!! His baptism was so beautiful and happy. I love sitting next to them and see their smiles especially because they know that they are following the Savior in faith! On Sunday "A" and "A" both bore their testimonies in testimony meeting!! It was such a neat experience I had the biggest grin on my face and "I" was sitting next to me just smiling really big too! It's weird to think it's already been a transfer here in Portugal! Its gone by really fast! I won´t lie everyday is challenging, but in a way I know its going to be worth it! We got the transfer calls last night and everyone was all nervous to see who will be leaving! Well I´m staying in the North!! They have a tradition here that before transfer calls they go and buy these candies called kinder surprises. They are chocolate eggs with a surprise toy inside. Well I guess they tell you what your future transfer will be like! I got a little Santa ornament and it has a bell. So we decided that it means I'm going to be giving a lot of people happiness and share my testimony about the Savior a lot! I knew that I probably wouldn´t leave so I wasn´t too nervous for this transfer! But I was kind of hoping I would be called to the south because they speak easier Portuguese, is what I hear! It's been on my mind a lot this week why the Lord sometimes asks us to do hard things. Right now its to learn a completely different language. I was praying to have understanding why I needed to stay in the north, well I was talking to one of the sisters about our goal as our mission about baptisms and how if our President has a goal for us it´s because he has received revelation that it can be accomplished if we give our all. We only made half our goal last month. I told her that no matter how big or grand we think the goal is it´s possible because God wants it for us. Right after I told her this the spirit hit me so hard and I just started to cry because I know this is the exact thing with my mission call, God asked me to do this and it doesn't matter how big or grand it may be I will be able to accomplish my mission if I give my all! There's a scripture in D & C 11:12 We first have to seek to obtain his word and then our tongues will be loosed! Wow, when I read this last night I knew it's what I needed to hear! If we want to be able to help others we really need to know who needs the gospel as well as we can and it takes time, effort and a lot of focus. But when we rely on Him for help we will receive it in the very hour we need him! I know that this is true and this is my theme for this next month!! I'm so excited to have the fire back and I´m ready to work hard again! I know that Heavenly Father humbles us so we are able to more fully feel his love, and that sometimes in life we hit a low point only so we can ask God to raise us up higher than we were before!! I love his gospel and I love that I have the privilege of helping others feel the love that comes from it!! I hope you all have a good week!!

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