Monday, June 29, 2015

No letter again! & Coolest expieriance!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Sooo this week was a little bit of a challenging week not going to lie! But I can say with all my heart that I have been striving to be exactly obedient. The Language is still coming slowly but I feel it getting better so that's nice! I know that God is helping me and giving me His spirit when I do what He says!
Well it was a very slow week! We finally had a lesson with an awesome guy named Zé! I started talking to him in the computer lab where we write, he was nice and let me use his converter! We had the first lesson with him and he really loved it! He has such a strong testimony in Jesus Christ. He just kept saying how important it is to know Him, be thankful for Him, and follow Him! So we asked him to be baptised with a suave invite and he said yes I will! We are going to teach him tomorrow! The Lord has prepared people here for us to teach that´s for sure!
Well it's been getting up into the high 90's here! It is crazy hot! I cut my companions hair! It was a lot of fun she now has a little fro :) We also had divisions this week and I was in Coimbra with Sister Stewart! She helped me a lot! She helped me focus on conjugations but more importantly how to show love for every person we see in the street! We had three lessons in under an hour! It was amazing! I´m pretty sure one of the coolest experiences happened with her! We walked past a little house it almost looked like a shack, well we said hello with big smiles and a woman said oh my family doesn't need your church we already have God in our lives. So we said that is great! We said could we sing a song about God with you? She just looked at us in the eyes and said wow you two have something different about you. You are so pretty and have a light about you! She then bore her testimony about how she knows God lives because she had once had a sickness but then she was able to be healed. We asked if we could pray and in the middle of the prayer we could just hear her crying. When the prayer was finished she was crying and said opa our Father is here with us I can feel Him! The spirit was so strong! Her Grandson came around the corner and just looked really sad. He said hello and said he was having a hard time in school. She started saying how it has been hard for him because they haven't found anyone to tutor him with English and they were scared he would fall behind in school. We lit up and told her we know English and can tutor him! She started bawling!!! She said that we had answered her prayers that morning! She said she had prayed to find someone to help him, and we were her answer to her prayer! She looked us in the eyes and said I know you are messengers of God with out a doubt! You are His representatives! Sister Stewart and I started crying because it was just so cool that people can feel the spirit that comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I will never forget that moment! Well I hope to hear that things are going well with them next week!
We also went bowling today for district Pday! Well my thought for this week comes from a talk by Elder Bednar this last conference he said  "Godly fear dispels mortal fears. It even subdues the haunting concern that we never can be good enough spiritually and never will measure up to the Lord´s requirements and expectations. In truth we cannot be good enough or measure up relying solely upon our own capacity and performance. Our works and desires alone do not and cannot save us. After all we can do (2 Nephi 25,23) we are made whole only though the mercy and grace available through the Savior´s infinite and eternal atoning sacrifice." Wow when I read this part the spirit hit me so hard, This life is preparation to meet God, we cannot do it on our own. We have to trust in God and rely on our Savior that we can and will be perfected through Him! I know no matter what happens in this life that God will help us when we go to Him for help. He will comfort, lift, and love us no matter what :) I know where I can put my trust because it will extend into the eternities! Love you all!

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