Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Excited to stay in the North & Portuguese, a tiny bit better!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Sooo this week went by so fast I don´t even know what to write about!! All I can say is that I'm actually really excited to stay in the North!! It's been such an amazing experience to show my faith and trust in God that He knows where I need to be!! Well this week has been full of tracting and street contacts!! The festivals are starting here for when they celebrate the saints and I´m super excited! There was one out in Mangauled and they had a churro stand so of course we got one!! They are really good here! 
We visited some cathedrals today and it was so weird!! They are huge but the moment you walk in you just get this dark errie feeling that just takes over! It was such a surreal moment to be in Europe touring cathedrals!!!! It´s crazy to think that I'm really here being a missionary sometimes! 
Well as far as Investigators Isaura is crazy in love with the gospel!! She is my joy right now!! It is so worth every second to help her find the happiness she has! She has her interview tonight and she will be baptised on Wednesday! I can´t believe how many people here are so ready for the gospel!! I love how when we put our faith in God and He will provide!! I was reading in Exodus about Moses and how he was actually not super confident in talking and speaking, but the Lord gives him Aaron and experiences to show him that He will never give up on him and He will always tell him what to say if he has faith!! That's how I feel with being a missionary! First we have to have faith that He will help us and show Him we will be obedient then He will help us and miracles will happen like having 3 baptisms in my first area!!! 
We also got a new sister. Sister Barrett! She is an absolute doll and I knew her from instagram before! We all just laugh so much at the house and together I'm loving it! Well this is a short email week Love you all sooo much!!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
Brazil!!! This week was so much better! Portuguese is starting to get a tiny bit easier! The people here speak so fast so it is hard to catch what they say but, I am starting to get the jist and can respond! We found 4 new investigators in the last 2 days the Lord loves unity and humility I am learning this. My mission is about constant purification and that is hard. But it is making me a better person. I am smiling more, and that is all I want is to be happy even through the hard times, and that takes faith. God is really trying to see what I believe and how I would react to hard situations good thing I didn't listen to the adversary and give up. God wants me to keep fighting because He is just waiting for me to reach out to Him and make myself better and then He will bless me. He can't bless me when I don´t believe he will! But my faith is starting to be strengthened!!
This past week I was companions with sister Irizarry! So much fun we made a lot of contacts and they didn't understand us too well but it was hilarious! Sister Huaman and I are working really hard and are finding some really cool people! It rained for the first time I've been here and it was so strong! We walk a lot but that is good because I get to work off the huge lunches we eat!
The members here are awesome and really support us! I have learned how to find where we are on the map and ask for directions! Awesome passo e passo, what a good principle! The mission was never going to be easy but I am learning that it is easier with a smile! Be happy because the time we have here is not worth being sad! The people here are so willing to help and talk with us this is an attribute I will take home with me! It is sooo gorgeous here and I can´t believe I am here, it really is unreal!
I am so grateful, I read the recent conference talk by Jeffrey R. Holland and it was a great reminder. The Savior never moves and inch He is always there and ready to lift us up when we are down, we just need to reach for him first. I can testify that this is true that God planned for us to have trials and hard times but our purpose is not to helplessly fall but to have faith and reach for the one who can lift us up when we can't lift ourselves! This is why I am here, because the Savior is just waiting for the people to have faith and he will bless them more then they can imagine. I am grateful for this mission and for personal revelation! Until next week!!

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