Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Really starting to pick up!

1st Baptism with "A"
All Sister Smith said was "Hi" and now look!

New investigator I*** Baptism set for June 17th

(Sister Courtney Smith)
So this week has been really busy but sooooo much fun!! :) The most important thing that happend!! "A" got baptised!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!! I´m still so happy!! It was so much fun! He invited so many of his friends too!! I know he will bring so many people into the church just because he´s so friendly. He was so proud and happy that he was making this decision for himself because he has a testimony of this church and in his response from God! I know he is and will have a long lasting conversion! He will be an amazing member! I was just smiling so much because I know this is his new start in life to become the person he was already trying to be! His heart is pure and ready to follow the Savior in all things! I feel so blessed to have been able to be apart of his personal conversion! I know we will always be friends for eternity and I will forever be grateful that I was humble enough to accept my answer from God to go on a mission so I could be here to talk to him! I'm so happy and surprised that I´m able to see the fruits of my labors so fast!
God has blessed me even in my hard times! Missions are amazing! "A" shook my hand after the baptism and said thank you today I will start to prepare I have a year! I got so excited because I knew that he was talking about a mission!!!!
Things are really starting to pick up! We have an investigator named Antonio! He is awesome he's in his 60's and has already had his conversion to Christ but one day he was walking in the road and prayed to hear the word of God the other sisters met him and he said he felt like they were his answer! He lives in our area so we started teaching him and we marked him for baptism this Saturday!!! He is so prepared its crazy! We taught him the word of wisdom and the law of Chastity and he said he´s already decided that they were bad things for him anyways already!!!
Not only him but we also have another investigator named "I"! She is an absolute doll!!! She is like my bestie! She is 20 and is actually "A's" friend! He taught the first lesson with us and all she kept saying was that she wants to know whats right so she can follow it! So we´ve had some awesome lessons with her!! She is so sensitive to the spirit and she loves the truth that we have a living prophet who talks to us today and she loves the truth of eternity and how its real!! She is marked for baptism on June 17 because it's her birthday and she wants it to be a special day!! We watched the video called "Because of Him" the Easter video and we were all in tears the spirit was so strong!!!! It was so cool how it was in Portuguese and I still felt the spirit strong as ever!!!
Also this week we had divisions which were super fun! I was on divisions with a sister training leader named Sister Larsen! Shes actually from American Fork and is friends with our cousin Chloe!!! She is literally the missionary I hope I´m like in a year!!! We had such a great day contacting, teaching and full of the spirit!!! It was easily my favorite day yet on the mission!! I just felt like that was the ultimate missionary day!! I learned so much from her on how to be a missionary, how to teach, how to contact, how to make plans for studies, and how to work hard! I will never forget  that day!!! I wish I could serve with her one day!
Well I have more stories but I'll save them for next week ;) Love you all so much!!! All I can say is that the Holy Ghost is real!! He abides with all of us that are living worthily and ask for his presence!! Through the Holy Ghost we are able to have the spirit of Jesus Christ in our hearts at all times! That is why sacrament is so important! I am so thankful for my opportunity the have such a special gift to guide, counsel me, and most importantly receive answers and person revelation from God! It is so important that we rely on its promptings!!!! I know this even more because that is the only way our investigators are receiving their answers for baptism!! At the end of the lesson with Antonio today he said wow I love how after every time I talk with you I feel Jesus in my heart I know he was here with us!!! We can all have this and I invite everyone to try and recognize the spirit more in your life!!! Have such a good week!!!!!!

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