Monday, July 6, 2015

Last weeks letter that finally came through!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week has been so great!! We are starting to get to know the members a lot better! Some even come tracking with us! The members are really who help convert the people because they will stay here to help them once we leave! We had a really cool activity in the centro of Floripa this week! We had these pictures of the Book of Mormon and we went trying to get people to come look and have a mini lesson of our Gospel! It was so fun and a lot of people talked with us! I had to find people and teach all on my own and I was a little scared but the people were really nice and everyone wanted to learn more so we got their information! It helped with my confidence with street contacting for sure! We had lunch at a members home and the mom had cancer and it has been really hard for her family. She bore her testimony on the atonement and how through Jesus Christ our faith can grow and He can help us with everything. I felt like she was talking to me. I felt with all my heart that through Jesus Christ I can be better with Portuguese everyday and even though it is really hard I can do it, if I have faith!
We went to the beach today and it was so pretty. I am so lucky to be here! We found a girl named Stephanie and she came to church. She really likes everyone and she wants to read the Book of Mormon. So awesome! I can't wait for this week to start teaching her! The days are starting to go by really fast, but it is great because it makes me excited for lessons and to see our investigators grow in their faith! My language is starting to get a lot better and I am starting to actually understand!!! It really is a miracle and the power of God is so real! I am so grateful to have the experience because I know that through Him I can do this!!

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