Monday, July 20, 2015

The real deal & Love more & be obedient!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week was alright. I don´t have much to say but we did a lot of work! We´ve really been focusing on finding and contacting! Its so cool to feel the spirit helping me understand and speak Portuguese! I can´t believe I'm actually doing it! I am starting the Book of Mormon in Portuguese and also I'm starting to read Jesus the Christ! Sometimes the days go by slow but the weeks fly by way fast! Well I hit my four month mark already! We were actually supposed to have our transfers yesterday but we still need to meet our President next week so we will wait a couple more weeks! I actually would like to stay here! Sister Johnson has been really sick so on Wednesday we had to go to Coimbra and go to a special doctor! We had time to do a little sight seeing while we were in Coimbra! In the picture is an Italian coconut gelado and a little ham sandwich with a Portugal background! I feel so European!!! Living the dream :) 
I love that I get to be serving the people here!! It´s so funny because I actually gave my first talk this last week like Makelle! One of our members was sick so they called us last second and told me i´d be giving it!! I was a little nervous but I knew it would all be OK! Its was actually really neat to see that God prepares us for what's to come in life! He gives us little experiences to help prepare us, we just don´t know it all of the time! In my study time for some reason I decided to study in Portuguese but we are supposed to in English. I learned a lot and was able to write down my feelings and impressions in Portuguese! Well it just so happened the next day I was giving a talk on the very subject I studied!! I know the Holy Ghost is real and he helps us everyday when we listen and follow!! 
We haven´t been able to talk to Zé so we will see if we can talk to him this week. Update on the really elect family we found a couple weeks ago! So they love the church and they know it's true, they even are reading the Book of Mormon everyday! But the husband isn´t totally on board yet so they aren´t being baptised yet, but the sisters there are working with them! Well we are teaching Alex. We found him through our fourth of July party!! We have taught him a lot this past week, we even watched the restoration movie with him and he really liked it!  So we asked him about baptism again and how he felt and he said good! We marked him for two weeks!! We are teaching all of the lessons and he seems to be accepting all of it except black tea hahaha he's funny! We also went to his house today and his mom and sister did Sister Johnson's braids!! It was so fun and actually easier than I thought! So I might be doing them for clients when I get back!! Its so cool to be taught by African Woman. It's the real deal!! :) 
So I just have a quick thought for the week! I was reading in the talk "Stand by the tree" by elder Keven Pearson. He said enduring to the end requires TOTAL commitment to the Savior and our covenants!! This includes the little things we agreed to stay true to in our baptismal covenants! I love it and I hope we can all stay true to the commitments we made and true to our God and Lord Jesus Christ! I hope you all have a great week love you all!!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
We had interviews with the president this week! I loved my interview. It is so funny to notice how much I can understand now compared to the interview my first day here. I literally understood nothing. But now I pretty much understood everything he said to me! President Silva said in 4 more months I will laugh at this moment now. But he really helped me with the way I teach. He reminded me not to compare my teaching style with anyone else's because the best way to teach is by what you know to be true! If you have a testimony that is all that matters. "Use the scriptures, talks by the prophets and preach my gospel and you will be a good teacher". I felt so much love and concern from him, I really feel like he is my dad here in the mission. 
This week I finally got to the point of feeling comfortable with making contacts in Portuguese! It is so awesome i don't really have that fear in me anymore. I know my purpose, I know that this gospel will bless the lives of all who will listen, I have this knowledge in me and I want to share it! 
I have been having problems with my back lately, its because we carry heavy bags and the beds aren't the best. But i made a rice sock and i like to warm that up before bed it really helps! Stephani is progressing a lot! She is still on date for this Saturday, she is so excited! All of her brothers are coming to church too! One of her brothers Alliston reminds me of Garrett, I really do love this family! They all read and prayed to God if this church is true, they all said that they felt pure joy and Alliston who is 10 said that he felt like he was flying in the clouds and was really happy when he prayed. Seriously though in that moment I felt more joy in my heart and had the biggest smile. That right there is what brings true happiness in this life, helping others find God and Jess Christ!:) I am loving this work! 
The beaches here are so pretty. Especially with the sunsets, they have the most gorgeous colors in the sky here. I stare at the sky and can't help but know that God is real and created colors for us to enjoy this world. 
This week I truly learned that in this life we need to love the people around us, to do this we need to have charity, the pure love of Christ! Second I learned how important obedience is! If we are trying to be obedient the best we can and the commandments and standards of the Gospel, God has promised us that He is bound and He needs to bless us. Wow what a blessing that is so sure and straightforward. These are the goals for me this transfer, love more and be obedient! I love my Savior and this Church it really does bring us joy in our lives! Have a great week!

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