Monday, August 10, 2015

After the Rain comes the Rainbow & A Seriously Elect Person!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
Wow this week was awesome! It's true what they say, after the rain always comes the rainbow! This week I learned how to have patience. I received about 45 bug bites on both legs and I was wearing bug repellent! The hardest part was that the bites were on the bottom of my feet so it was super uncomfortable to walk. I prayed every step that I could continue walking and have a smile on my face. Really it helped me to know how I can react to experiences with a smile. I know this will help me on my mission to act better when hard things happen!
Best thing that happened this week was a guy named Lucas. I talked to him on the bus a month ago and we finally got in contact with him. We ended up teaching him this week the first lesson. When we were talking about prophets and about how he could receive revelation for himself and his future family, his eyes lit up. He said "wow I didn't know that, that is so cool"! This was a moment I will never forget, seeing the interest in his eyes. We taught him again about Joseph Smith and the first vision, he said he wants the priesthood and he wants to read all of the Book of Mormon! So cool! He came to church this Sunday and is on date for baptism! He really was prepared for us and I know he will join the church one day!
Sister Huaman and I are doing really good. I am opening up to her and being more silly. She likes to joke a lot and do silly things! We had papa gourmet where the dads make food and the investigators judged it. It was so fun! We had a lot of people there and the winners got fruit for their trophies. Super cute!
A scripture I loved is in Mosiah 27:7 and the Lord did visit them and prosper them. What things can we do for the Lord to visit us? Obedience is key and when we keep the commandments of God, He can only bless us! I will be sending a lot more pictures next week when I receive my camera!! Love you all!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hey so this week was pretty fun! First off Sister Johnson and I have been getting Alex ready for baptism this coming week on the 15th! He is actually progressing and reading and praying! He is getting there! We now just need to keep helping him see the faith that he does have. It is now up to him to walk with faith and follow our Savior! I´m super excited for him so keep him in your prayers :)
So last week I told you that it was kind of a dry week and guess what happened this week??? We found a seriously elect person!!! His name is Zé haha another one :) Well we were actually on our way out to go see Alex and we decided to go back to an apartment that we passed by the other week to see if someone was home. Well there was a guy out on his balcony smoking and we said hi. We started talking with him and he said oh I've actually been to your church 6 years ago! But it was in Lisbon and he hasn't been back since. We invited him to church and he said he´d like to come! We went up to his door inside and started to talk to him and he all of the sudden was saying how he grew up catholic but he has a lot of doubts about the church and certain things they do like baptizing babies, idols/saints, and number of times of being baptized! He said he is very curious and wants to know what the truth is about this life. He knows that this life and world isn´t in vain!! We were literally shocked we haven´t talked to a person like this in forever!! We bore testimony that God has a plan for him and has restored his church back on the earth! We asked if we could share our message with him later in the week and he said yes! Well we also asked if we could give him a Book of Mormon, and he said oh wait I think I already have one. He came back with two and said this ones my sisters and this one is mine I've actually read all the way to here, Alma 31! What? who reads that much of a book with out really knowing about it?! He told us that he likes reading it at lunch time because it is very interesting!!! So naturaly we gave him Alma chapter 32 about faith for him to read! We both walked down the stairs and we said a prayer to thank God for placing him in our path! The spirit was so strong, I know God is with us and a part of our work! We are his tools to help others come unto Christ! He hasn´t been home the last times we´ve passed but we know he is ready we just need to catch him at the right time in his schedule!
Another fun thing that happened is that there is a cute woman in our ward named Isabell. Her family from London is staying with her for a couple of weeks! They speak Portuguese but their kids speak English! They are really cool! They are our age and Mark maybe wants to serve a mission! It was Mark's birthday on Sunday so we had a big party with pancakes at the Silvas house! They are a blast!! We are going to the fair with them next pday! We went and checked it out today and it was way fun!! We got hot dogs and cotton candy! It is one of the biggest fairs in Portugal! The fair of Saint Mattew!
My thought for this week is about Faith. I used to think faith was just a thing that we need to have to believe in God and His gospel. But I know that without faith nothing is possible!!! We need faith in order to act and to live. I know that when we have Faith in Christ we are blessed with power and strength to do all things in this life! Ether 12:16 Yea, and even all they who wrought miracles wrought them by faith, even those who were before Christ and also those who were after. I know that miracles happen in our lives because of our faith in Christ! Just like this scripture says I know that God wants to bless us and help us and if we can always show our faith and do the little things every day he will bless us!! I know it´s true because it´s happening here!! I love you all!!!

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