Monday, August 31, 2015

Efapi, Chapeco & Transfers next week!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
Ahhhh I am in love with this area! Efapi is so small but there are a lot of people who live here. They are all so nice and willing to hear our messages! No one has heard of Mormons or the Book of Mormon and I can really feel that through this book they can receive answers!
So my companion is sister Santos from Fortaleza Brazil. She is amazing and this is her last transfer in the mission! I will be the one to kill her (missionary saying) haha. She is really cool and so so funny! The other two sisters sister Belo and Sister Cardias so cute and so sweet! I love their personalities, they want to learn English too! Seriously I think this is the happiest I have been on the mission! Here we started with 2 investigators and one Geneci she is so cute and already knows the Book of Mormon is true! She is on date for the 12 of September! We found 8 new investigators this week! So awesome, the people here and so great! I have been transferring all of my English marked scriptures to Portuguese. I'm going cold turkey with English, I think this will really help my language! Everyone here thinks I am ending my mission because I speak well! I have got to thank the gift of tongues for that one! I really feel the spirit in our lessons. I have learned as I rely on the spirit the people will feel the truth in their hearts and they will start to think with an eternal perspective! I can feel my testimony growing so much in this gospel, I know it is true and that is all I have to testify! Until next week!!:) Favorite scripture 1 Nephi 9:6 I know that God puts experiences in our paths for our good, He has all the wisdom and knowledge we just need to try our best to follow the will of God in our lives and He will show us the best path to happiness and greater faith! I know that this principal is true with all my heart!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this was the last week of the transfer!! I will be finding out where I go tomorrow night :) I could stay or go at this point but we are pretty sure one of us will be going! So if anything I will be getting a new companion! It´s kind of scary to think of sometimes but I know that it´s good to move forward!! I can see soooo much progress even just from last transfer! I feel a lot more comfortable now! Something that i´m learning about my self is that I actually really like to learn! At first Portuguese was such a challenge because its just all kind of thrown at you, but now where I have more of a base to work off of it´s really fun to gain more of an understanding with the work and with the language!
We had a family night with the Afican family again :) We played uno and they absolutley loved it!! You can just feel how much love they have for each other! We are still reteaching them but I believe that once they understand they will really work together! It will just take a litle bit! We taught his brother Alex again with the one of the APs haha they drove all the way from Porto to come teach him a lesson! Haha it was really great and he felt the spirit really strong, I know he will be baptised one day, he just needs to not be lazy and start acting! We also taught his mom and sister finally! It was a pretty crazy lesson though! She had a lot of doubts about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It´s just sad because they don´t speak a lot of Portuguese so it takes a long time to explain things! But things are for sure progressing with their family so that´s all that matters! Its been kind of a crazy week because we´ve had an ET with Sister Barratt because she broke her foot! So we had a bunch of sisters in our house! Oh and we went to a Brazilian Rodízio! Whoo hooo!!!!!!!! It was so good :) They had all of your favorites Mom, Dad, and Garrett!!! Turkey wraped bacon, garlic steak, chicken hearts, pineapple! It was a fun treat :) Mom this is for your class: Living in the world but not of the world. Something thats really kind of hit me here on a mission is how real the plan of salvation is!! Sometimes we just think that the gospel is just a part of our lives, like we got to church on Sundays or we have young womens on tuesdays nights, but it´s more than just activities we have its about they way we live :) So many people here think the way they dress, their instagram or facebook, and what they do on a saturday night is what makes them who they are but when we know God´s plan for us we can know who we are :) We are SONS and DAUGHTERS of God :) in moses it talks about how he talked with God and God Told him he is his son and is similar to our Savior. God knows our potential, We just need to remember every day who we are and why we are here. Moses 1: 13 and 25 are my favorites! Well I hope it makes sense i don´t have much time love you all so much!

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