Monday, September 14, 2015

50 contacts a day & We just need to act on faith!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
So this week literally flew by!!! Sister Rovig and I have been working very hard to reach our goals :) Seriously she has the same desire to be obedient and follow with exactness the counsel of our President! I know that we are being blessed because of the work we are doing! Well one of the things our President has asked us to do is contact at least 50 people every day! I know it doesn't sound like a lot but it is harder than you would think! But we are achieving this goal every day!!! Every day I have more desire to be more obedient! Something I´m learning a lot from Sister Rovig is Charity! She has so much of it! She works so hard and is so determined but she always makes sure others are taken care of before herself! I am working to be more like this, more like our Savior :) We also already have so many inside jokes it´s just a blast to serve with her! Well we we able to get a hold of one of the contacts and had a lesson with her, her name is Berta. We had the first lesson and everything went awesome! She started crying and was really accepting our message about Joseph Smith and the BOM, she told us shes really looking for the truth and would read the introduction and pray about the book! Well we both felt good about her when we left and went back to teach another lesson with Marco and Felipa :) We were so excited to teach her the Plan of Salvation and it started out great she really liked it but then after we talked about how this life and how we have our `labors` she got really nervous. She started saying all of these random things and told us she doesn't want to come to church! haha we were all a little shocked because she said she had such a desire to find out what is true and which church is Gods. Well we explained how we have to try going to church to see if its right kind of like a cake you have to try it to be able to know if its sweet and the right kind of cake. Well out of the blue she told us that she loves Saints and pretty much worships them and she won´t change her mind, she just flipped a switch, I bore testimony that through Jesus Christ we find our peace and through the Holy Ghost we find our answers, I felt the spirit so strong and she just looked in my eyes and I knew she felt it too, but right after she got scared and shut down, she told us shed keep reading and praying and then shed call us if she wanted to talk. Sometimes as missionaries we have these experiences but it just goes to show that we need to be worthy at all times to feel the spirit so when we do testify it is just up to the person to accept or deny what we are teaching and testifying of! Well we are also teaching another guy named Marlow, We have had some amazing lessons with him!! He is really great, we talked to him on Saturday and taught him the first five commandments and invited him to keep the Sabbath day holy! He said he´d come to the conference with us! Well We went to the Saturday session with two girls named Mara and Claudia! They went to a baptism with us of the other sisters and they really liked it! They were super interested in the priesthood and how it worked! So they were excited to come with us on Saturday! They really like it as well. It was pretty long but they said they felt really happy about it and are super interested to learn more! They are really cute they are from Angola and are just her to finish up school! So we are super excited to teach them this week!
Well some members from the stake talked and our mission President Amorim talked and his wife as well as the temple presidents in spain irmao e irma Montoya :) It was amazing! That session we talked a lot about temples!! It was cool they talked in Spanish but I could still understand a lot of what they were saying!! Then Sunday came but Marlow didn't.... hahaha wha wha wha. It was so sad!!! He was even awake early too! But he said that it just wouldn't work but that he'd come to church on Sunday! So we are going to try to teach him this week. It was funny too because all of the talks given were about keeping the Sabbath day holy! Just what he needed to hear! But All of the talks were great and gave me some much motivation to teach Marlow! The choir sang really well and it was pretty cool to be singing for the whole stake!
This week has been a trail of faith for me because last week was just a little different with all of the changes, but I know that when we have Faith in Christ he will help perfect us in all things when we deny our selves of all ungodliness (Moroni 10). When we keep the sabbath day holy, we are showing God that we want to dedicate this day to the Lord, Elder Nelson in his talk given this last conference said that it is a privilege to dedicate this one day out of 7, Mosiah 2,21 says that God lends us each day, he created us and has given us everything we can give back one day :) I'm so happy to be here showing God that I can dedicate 1 year and a half to him out of all of my life! I know that God is real and has a plan for us! Even in times that are hard when we pray, we can find strength and peace! Love you all!!!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week I have learned so much about my savior! We are teaching our investigator Geneci and she is so close to baptism. She knows this church is true and she knows the Book or Mormon is the word of God. She just has a lot of fear that she wont keep all the commandments all the time. She just needs to act on her faith. She is so prepared and she has so many questions! Keep her in your prayers because she is so ready to be baptized she just needs to act! She came to church this Sunday and is going to institute too!
My district is the best they said that they are all black and I am the only white person haha. We made a big breakfast before district meeting this week and that was way fun with smoothies cookies and cuscuz!
I got bitten by a dog so that was interesting, So I probably won't be able to teach a whole lot this week with getting shots and all. I gave a talk in church this Sunday. I gave it on the importance of Jesus Christ being our Savior. I read in the scriptures that Jesus Christ would fulfill the law of Moses. In the bible a part of the law of moses was to give animal sacrifices to represent the savior paying for the sins of the world. This was a commandment of the Lord. After Jesus Christ suffered for our sins and died for us, He fulfilled this law being the grand and ultimate sacrifice that would end all others. He only asks of us to have a broken heart and a contrite spirit to use the atonement in our lives and become new people everyday, become disciples of Jesus Christ. I have been learning that one one of the characteristics of Jesus Christ is Sacrifice. Sometimes we don't want to deal with certain trials, people, callings, jobs, but God gives them to us to sacrifice what we don't want to do the will of the Lord. And he promises us that if we do his will, we will grow as latter day saints and one day have eternal life.
I love this Gospel and I know that it is the true gospel of Jesus Christ on the Earth. Jesus is the only and true Christ and Savior of the world. And one day we will see him as He really is, and we can prepare for his coming as we keep His commandments and live righteously! Have a great week!:)

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