Monday, September 7, 2015

7 new investigators! & Sister Courtney Smith staying a 4th transfer!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
Wow this week was a week of a lot of effort! We had so many people to visit and teach but the majority of them didn't want to learn about the Book of Mormon. I have been pondering how we can make contacts with people without just saying we have a message about Jesus Christ. I received an answer that people need to know about the restored gospel and that we have a prophet in this day to guide our families to eternal life. We can make contacts talking about these things and really find the people who are truly interested in learning about the gospel of Christ not just another message from the bible.
My Portuguese is definitely getting better, without any English I am speaking a lot faster and more correctly! It is sometimes hard to understand everything, but if I can get an idea of what they are talking about I can comment and understand somewhat.
My highlight of the week was we contacted old investigators from the area book and turned out the whole family wanted to learn, seven new investigators! What a blessing and they all participated and want to know who our prophet is! We will teach them tonight! That whole day was really hard and I had prayed for God to guide us but no one was receiving us, but then we visited this family and I really felt that God was leading us. I am learning a lot about the importance of having a prophet. I am so grateful for my testimony in Thomas S Monson. I asked God to know if he is a true prophet before the mission and I received my answer that he is through the scriptures and the holy ghost. God knows us individually and He will answer all of our prayers if we ask in faith.
I learned a lot about marriage and family this week. That marriage was given to man by God it wasn't a thing that man created. That he gave this commandment to us to be happy and receive the blessing of eternal families, it is the only way to obtain this promised blessing from the Lord. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and we can truly understand the doctrine of Christ and how his true church really should be. I know that this gospel is true with my whole heart, Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and He can help us if we rely on him. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ I have been called by Him to declare His word unto his people that they might have everlasting life!:) Until next week!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well it has just been such an eventful week!!! Oh it was so sad to say goodbye to some really great missionaries!! Monday night we had a family night with the Silvas and the Elders made pizza! At this point we already knew that both of the Elders were getting white washed because they got a call, but we spent our last day together on Tuesday! It was pretty sad saying goodbye to Sister Johnson and Elder Ruggles just because they both have been here with me ever since I got here!
But we got transfer calls and I´m staying!!! It was actually quite the surprise just because you don´t usually stay in your first area for very long! I thought for sure I´d go somewhere else! But Sister Johnson got transferred to Foz it's a little beach town so I'm sure she is very happy!! And I was told I would be getting a new companion who actually was Sister Johnson's companion in the MTC!!! Her name is Sister Rovig :) Everyone calls her the "contacting machine" and boy are the right!! She is absolutely adorable and she loves talking to everyone and is so fearless! I am already learning so much from her! I don´t think I´ve ever done more contacts in one day! She is such a spiritual power house and I´m so lucky to be serving with her!
Well it´s actually been a very humbling week, the language has been a little tricky I don´t know why but everything I want to say just isn´t coming out right or when I´m trying to listen to the spirit nothing comes out of my mouth. I know it will get better and I´m fulfilling my purpose with doing what I can do :) Well we got right to work and we´ve been getting a hold of all of our past investigators and finding new ones!! We also had a zone meeting which was really great and I felt the spirit really strong! We also got a brand new sister from the states that is serving with Sister Campos! She is so cute and has so much positive energy to serve and let everyone know about our message :)
Well I don´t have that many pictures for the week actually! Oh yeah and our ward is singing in Stake conference this next week and one of the sisters from the other ward made us all blue skirts!!! She is so talented! So It will be a lot of fun to sing and help others feel the spirit! Our Mission President is also going to be there with Sister Amorim so I´m really excited!!
So as far as miracles go the first two days here we saw almost all of our investigators!! It was pretty crazy and we´ve met some pretty elect people! Alex is starting to progress again just very slowly, he went to a baptism with us and he say that for sure hes going to get baptized he just doesn't know when, so we´re working with him! As well we are finally teaching a different investigator named Marlow and he is awesome :) He's African as well and just has such a desire to have a new start in his life but he just wants to make sure he´s ready and have an answer that the Book of Mormon is true! He told us last night that he would read and pray to find out, we are going back tonight see how things went :) We are really excited! We read with him the first half of 2 Nephi 31 and he said he´d finish it! It´s a power chapter about baptism and he was already saying how he wanted to be baptized! So hopefully he did his part because we know he´s ready for it :)
My spiritual message for the week is about an experience this week! So we actually met with this guy from Germany this week and he only speaks English and German and so it was really weird to do a contact in English, but he pretty much called us pathetic for believing in God and how religion is the biggest cause of death in the whole world. He was really crazy and sad. We were testifying with our authority and I actually starting tearing up because I know that what we are doing and teaching is true and is a part of Gods plan! He said don't get emotion that's how you are deceived, you are just tricking yourself into believing in God. We looked him in the eye and said no, when we feel we are able to feel the love of God, that's how we know that God is real, we invited him to pray and ask God if he is real and listens to us, he said he already has but thanks for the invite. But he did bring up a good point. How do we really know, what if it is just our emotions? I am happy to say and to have the knowledge that when we are baptized and before we are baptised our loving Heavenly Father has given us his holy spirit to testify of what is true! That is one of the primary roles of the Holy Ghost :) So when we do pray to God to know if he is there and has a plan for us, when we feel feelings of peace, a light heart, or even just happiness we can have confidence and trust that that is Gods way of testifying in our hearts that it is truth for example that God is there, that his church was restored, and that the Book of Mormon is true :) I am so grateful to have received many answers from God the the Holy Ghost and how I used my agency to follow its promptings :) I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the earth because it was restored and has a living prophet :) Can´t wait to share with you about our next week of adventures! Love you all!!

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