Monday, September 28, 2015

Fast & Offerings & One of my hero's!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was awesome! We had our zone conference here in Chapeco, and I learned a ton! President Silva came and taught us a lot about how to use doctrine clearly to explain the gospel. Also that we need to be like the hero's of the Book of Mormon and apply their stories in our lives. I felt the spirit so strong and it gave me a stronger desire to be more obedient and talk with everyone about the gospel!
Sister Santos and I made a lot more contacts this week and we found a ton of new people. We are starting to lose old investigators, but it is good to really see who is interested!! I am feeling more confident with my Portuguese, I know that I am improving every week!  I am starting to really understand and connect with the people here!
We has divisions and I spent a day with sister Cardias, I learned a lot about how I need to get to know the people better and then I can receive revelation from the spirit after. I know this will help me in my lessons! I am feeling my heart really open for the people we teach I want this so bad for the people here, they just need to act and feel the holy ghost testify to them! I read a talk by President Eyering this week and he talked about the fast and offerings. How when we see the face of God He will ask if we helped his children. A way we can serve God is by giving fast offerings. When Christ fasted for 40 days he resisted all temptations of the Devil. I know that we can have this blessing too as we live more closely to this principle. We had a lesson about the plan of salvation and a boy asked so if we don't read this book do you believe we won't be saved? It made me think. I know that God has a plan for us, I know that God commanded the prophets here in the Americas to write the Book of Mormon to bless our lives. It is through this book we can find the true church of Christ and we can participate in saving ordinances that will bring eternal life. So yes we need to read this book and be baptized by the priesthood authority of God to have eternal life. I know this church is true everyday I feel my testimony and understanding of this Gospel grow like I never thought it would, I know for this reason I am here on this mission to strengthen my testimony and share the restored gospel with those who want it in their lives as well! Love you all Boa semana gente!!:)
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week was another tough one but I'm learning a lot!! Pretty much everyday this week we had an appointment and we brought a member to their house to teach them and they weren´t home and would not answer their phones! Three of our investigators are not progressing anymore too! Hahaha yeah. We have been walking everywhere contacting like crazy trying to find these people to teach and it just wasn´t any ones time this past week. We really have been a little worried too especially because we are preparing well every morning, we are studying for our investigators, and we are following the spirit. But still nothing happened.
One night we were just kind of talking it over and we decided to rededicate ourselves to be even better and to work ever harder. Well I was studying in 2 Nephi 4: 16-24 when he is sharing his experience about how he glory's in God and how he will put his trust in Him for forever, but he also talks about how easily his heart sorrows because of his iniquity. I was thinking what??? Come again?? Nephi? He is one of my hero's! He has always been such a great example of faith, obedience, courage, and more! Why was he so sad about little things I'm sure weren´t that big of a deal? When I read these scriptures the spirit just told me: You need to be more like Nephi. Haha I´m so thankful for the spirit and how he will guide us and help us in our lives. I realized that we need to be humble enough to always be repenting, always striving to be better, and always looking for how we can improve! I'm grateful for this week and how I was able to learn this lesson :) I know God loves us, and He wants us to progress, even when we feel like we are doing all of the right things! Which was perfect to hear right before conference!! I'm looking forward to going into this conference with a humble heart ready to hear what God wants of us in these latter days!! I hope all of us can have a great experience :)
Well in the end of this week we were basically just preparing for our Soup party!! It went really well and we actually had three investigators show up!! It was a success!!
AndrĂ© my first baptism moved to Lisbon!!! He got me a Sunflower with a card that talks about how the best thing in this life is to share our happiness with others :) He's a great member and will be an amazing missionary this next year!! It was sad to say Goodbye! We also ate dinner at a members house and they had such a cute dog named spike :) But it's another new week and I can´t wait to see what the Lord has in store! Love you all!!!

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