Thursday, September 24, 2015

The most courageous sisters & God is helping us in the work here!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hey Family :) Well I can finally say I´ve eaten something weird. I ate snails!!! Haha we went to our Bishops house for family night and they had snails as their appetizer :) You´ll see in the picture our faces! Bishop and his daughter Inez love them!!! She was crying because her dad ate all of them!
But something we´ve been doing with a couple families, is our President has asked us to do a competition in the whole mission to see what person knows the most people so we just ask them to tell us names of people that they know that are not members of our church and we write them down :) we don't ask for a reference or an address just the names. You´d be surprised with how many people you really know that aren't members!! Then we do something nice for them to thank them for telling us names, then we go back and do phase 2 where they get to pray about all of the names and choose who Heavenly Father has prepared to hear about the gospel :) It´s super cool!! We´ve already done it with 3 Families :) FAMILY you can do this too! After we made cupcakes and decorated doors with cute scriptures and compliments they loved it :)
Well This week as far as the work goes we´ve had a lot of lessons with less actives!! We are really trying to help people come back to church now that school is starting and life is settling down!! It´s sometimes hard to help people feel the desire to come back to what they know is right because they just take it as pressure or they feel ashamed for not going to church, something i´ve learned this week is that one way to help them feel their own personal desire is to help them feel the spirit, it can help remind them of how they felt when they chose to be baptised and follow the savior. We can be good influences and help remind them of what they used to have (the spirit, joy, peace).
On Tuesday was Elder Arnold's Birthday so we made him brownies and one of the members made him a pineapple cake!  But as well we´ve still been working with Mara and Claudia as well as Marlow. They are all progressing but they all went on vacation this weekend because today's actually they day where the whole city is shutdown for a holiday :) So it's been a little rough not being able to help them go to church and feel the spirit there. But Jeorge has been really liking the book of Mormon! He is pretty old but he loves reading and loves God! Hes really excited to meet with us hopefully today to talk about Prophets!
We also have a party going on this week! It's a soup competition, people here always eat soup, so we thought it´d be funny to see who knows how to make the best soup! So this Saturday everyone in the ward is going to bring their best soup :)
Well some exciting things that happened is that our Mission President called us and told us that we are the most courageous sisters in the mission!!!! :) We went into the police station and asked if we could teach them because we need leaders in our Church :) Soooo we are going to go back and give them a portfolio that talks about who we are and then we get to go back and talk in a conference!!!!! Wow right?! Sometimes we just have to have courage in the Lord, He WILL make all things possible!! I've been thinking a lot about that this week because I hit 6 months this week!!! It was a pretty cool day!! I have absolutely loved my mission up until this point and I know I've had to have this courage and faith to keep serving everyday!! CANT wait for this next year!!! :) Love you all!!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Well this was a really fast week! Geneci is really progressing she is so close to baptism. She knows that this is the right thing for her she just needs to make the choice in faith!
We found a new investigator and her son this week Cecilia and Wellington! They have always accepted other missionaries of other faiths and like to study the bible! We started to talk about the bible and the importance of scriptures. Then we introduced the Book of Mormon and they thought it was really interesting to have records of the people here! Then we talked about the importance of prophets and what it means to be a prophet. Everyone we ask what is a prophet they say that we are prophets. But they had a lot of questions like who is the prophet today, where can i find him, really where is the true church of Jesus Christ and do you believe that your church is that church. I said that I believe we are. Wow the spirit was so strong! They shared experiences with their health and that they needed to pray for help and that they knew God is real. They want to know that these things are true and I really feel grateful to find and teach these kinds of people!
I read the talk "The Lord is My Light" by Elder Quinton L. Cook and he talked a lot about how the family is so critical in the plan of God. And it is in the family that we can apply and learn the doctrine of Christ. I want an eternal family and I know that I can have one by keeping the commandments of God and choosing the right. I have been pondering that a lot this week. What exactly do we have to do to have eternal life? The answer, live the gospel of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. It truly is through our gospel that we will live together forever. I know that it is through our savior Jesus Christ we can feel like we aren't alone. He knows exactly how we feel it doesn't matter what feeling or experience we have HE knows. I have been having a hard time with the language but I know that I can always practice and be better, that is what the atonement is for too. I know that I have certain gifts and talents and I need to use them more as I teach!
In sacrament we had 6 investigators! What a Christmas miracle, the first time we have had more than one investigator in church!!!! I can really see that God is helping us in the work here! :)
I read in the Book of Alma yesterday and read a verse that says that as members of the church we need to pray and fast with all our might for the people who don't know God. This was perfect for me because this applies to us as members and a missionary I know that prayer is powerful and can increase our faith in the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Till Next week, see you.

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