Thursday, October 29, 2015

Helping them come unto Christ & Your growth is amazing!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week was fantastic! This last P-day we were able to visit Porto!!! Whooo! It was absolutely beautiful!!! It was a dream come true to be able to see that part of Portugal!! I am so blessed to be serving in such a beautiful country! :) We walked on the bridge and went below with all the cafes by the water! We went bowling afterwards and I actually didn´t lose! Our district is really funny!! We have fun together! We eat with the members here! They are so nice to us :)
So our mission has a lot of standards that our president wants us to hit! Last week sister Barrett and I didn´t do great because we had to get used to transportation and we kind of started from scratch. But this week we were so blessed!!!! Seriously! God has been blessing us like crazy!! We promised we´d do all that we could to make these lessons happen and help all of the eternigaters!! Haha and we hit almost every single one of our missions goals!! We taught 7 new people and one of them is a family! We also have plans next week with another family! It's pretty rare to actually teach full families here! A lot of people are divorced, but we are still helping them come unto Christ and finding the truth!!! I am so happy we have the Spirit in our work! Sister Barrett and I work well together and we genuinely want to serve with all our might mind and strength! Its amazing to see that after our lessons people really feel the peace and happiness that comes from the gospel! We had three investigators in church this week!! It was also stake conference!! Daniel and his wife Tatiana are amazing! He is already a member and she isn't but they are married and they really are interested in being active in the church!! It was amazing to teach a couple who loves each other and wants to do the right thing!! :) OH yeah Denis got baptized and I heard it went really well! They had four investigators there too!!! He looks so happy :)
We were able to visit the beach as well! I never thought I'd live close to the water! :) Its crazy because we´ll just walk down a street and there´s a beautiful view!
My thought for the week comes from the scripture in 1 Nephi 3:7. This week has literally been a testimony to that!! God provides a way to fulfill the things that he commands!! He will bless you when you have the desire to do what is right and are giving your maximum! :) He wants us to succeed and be happy we just have to show him we do! I'm so thankful for these building experiences! I really believe that this is our time to grow and learn. We choose who we want to be :) Love you all!!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
So this week our investigator Geneci decided that she wants to be baptized, it is her desire now! So awesome. Her old husband came back in the picture but he wants to support her so they will probably get married int he next few months and after they will both get baptized together! It is so neat, I don't know if I will be here for it, but it is going to happen!! Our less active Lucia hasn't come to church for a month because she doesn't have friends, but she came this Sunday and stayed all three hours!!:) i was so happy!
In sacrament it was the primary program and all the kids were wearing shirts with a plaque that says future missionary. So cute, it reminded me of all the primary programs I was in not to long ago and how much the primary really helped my testimony grow of the savior as a child.
So many awkward things happen when you aren't completely fluent in a language and you are a missionary in general. Funny story So sister wright decides to call our investigator George, she asks if he is home because we are in front and he says he isn't home and he is bringing a woman home. We said ok another time. So I decided to be cool and try and talk to the neighbor starting with hey how are ya we are missionaries trying to teach George do you know if he is home, she says yeah let me get him, WHAT!! He said he wasn't, hahaha. My plan wasn't good, he didn't come out so we ran away. Haha funny story I wont be using that line again!:)
We had interviews with the president this week, he said wow Sister Smith, it is like seeing a family who just had a baby and then you return and they have grown but he family doesn't see the difference because they are with the baby 24 hours. But he said Sister Smith I have seen your growth and it really is amazing, congratulations for your progress and deciding to serve a mission. He said another American missionary Sister is growing too and that in his interview he said she will soon be training. She got really scared and said she doesn't know if she can do it. President told her about me and said that she could. And She said well if Sister Smith can train that fast and be ok I know I can too. Wow that made my week that I can be an example to the other Sisters as well, as I accept the callings here and walk in faith.
This week I read the visiting teaching message on charity. It was exactly what I needed to make myself better. Thomas S. Monson said Charity is having a patience with someone who let us down. It is resisting the impulse to become offended easily. It is accepting weaknesses and shortcomings. It is accepting people as they truly are. Wow the Savior really had these qualities. I am sure he knew people that bothered him or offended him. But he went ahead and loved them anyways He still gave the chance of eternal life if they repented. I know that I need to have more charity in my life to be more like my savior. And that when I develop this attribute, I truly will know my savior more! :)

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