Monday, October 19, 2015

It was a very special moment & I finally feel like a normal missionary!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
So this week we worked so hard! We have been visiting so many people and our planners have been full of appointments! It has been cool to talk about the restoration and the Book of Mormon all day and see the different reactions of the people here! Our different investigators all have been reading the Book of Mormon but they have two giant problems. 1. They have the desire to know and read and come to church, but dont have real intent and won't ask God (the true desire to act on the response) or 2. They easily ask God what is true, but after won't follow their answer and will doubt. So we have been trying to really pray and recieve revelation to know what to do and say to help them progress and act in their lives. It has been neat to hear the stories of some people say they prayed and felt God answering it strengthens my testimony that this gospel really is true and God really does answer the prayers of his children!
Haha one of our investigators Michael is really smart but wants to live Gods will but doesn't want to ask because he doesn't want to stop doing things that contradict the gospel. He said it isn't necassary to be baptized to enter in the kingdom of God so what do I do I show him John chapter three, where Christ says without being baptized of water and of the spirit you can't enter in the kingdom of God. I asked him if he agreed with Jesus, and he said wow that is pretty bad when you don't agree with Jesus Christ. He knows it is true, he is just stubborn to change his life because he is comfortable the way he is! But I think one day he will have so many doubts the only thing left to do is to ask God what is right.
This week my testimony was truly strengthened on the sacrament. The sacrament is the time for us to to reflect in our lives and to focus on the sacrifice Christ made for us. We can recommit to take the name of Christ upon ourselves and promise to always stand as a witness of him in our lives. It is when we recommit to our covenants each week is when we can be clean through the atonement of Christ. Because we are clean, we are then promised the spirit with us always. It is with that spirit, we can choose to follow sacred and righteous paths and choices.
Sister Wright and I are so much alike it is really funny our personalities are very similar we can really relate to one another! When we were in church we had 4 of our investigators in sacrament meeting we haven't had an investigator in church for 3-4 weeks! I just remember them taking the sacrament and I start crying. I know that maybe right now our investitgators aren't ready for the covenant of baptism but they were there in church learning the gospel and feeling the spirit. I know that that is my purpose, to help people really feel the truthfulness of the gospel. It was a very special moment! I will never forget, I know that the church is true not because we are the only church who teaches and preaches about Christ but because we have the fullness of the Gospel with restored gospel keys and men who lead the chruch with the power and authority of God. Have a great week I love you!!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week was actually fantastic!!! I can´t believe how much I really love it here in Gaia!! Im pretty sure I had a permanent smile on my face all week!!! We are so close to the water!! We can see a little bit from our house!! So we have the beach area, so where ever we walk you can see the ocean!! It is such a blessing :) It really feels like a little beach town! I cant even tell you how much I love talking to everybody here!! Seriously everybody is so nice to us!! Not everyone wants to hear our message but they all just smile and chat for a little bit :) It is different up here :) Well Sister Barratt and I have been working really hard! It's been a little difficult because all of the investigators that they had before live really far a way so we´ve tried to find them on the metro but it got complicated! We are kind of starting from scratch but everythings going to be ok!!
The members here are AMAZING! We eat a meal practically every other night!! They really take care of the missionaries here!! The ward is about the size of a Utah ward!! We´ve been teaching a couple people but everyone is kind of in a middle ground stage so we are really preparing lessons that will help them feel the spirit! It's so cool serving with Sister Barratt because she only has one more transfer than me so we are really learning a lot together!
I finally feel like a normal missionary it´s great :) I have been talking to everybody!! We got a bunch of references from the other Sisters as well!! We had a lesson with one of them his name is Rui :) He´s in his 40's and has had a little bit of a rough past. Sister Barratt was really inspired to teach the third lesson first not the first lesson. So when we talked about baptism he was so happy!! We asked him if he´d like to be baptised and feel so clean and new :) He accepted immeadiatley! So we are going to help him get prepared to be baptised! We have a lot to help him through but I know it´s going to be possible!
OH yeah we went to the beach!!!!! HOLY COW a dream come true :) It felt so sureal!!!! haha and I love serving with Sister Barratt! We are seriously so similiar! She's so uplifting and has the spirit with her always! We also taught a class on Sunday last second! haha it went pretty well and I also introduced my self in sacrament meeting and everyone is very welcoming!! I´m already in love with Gaia :)
I´ve been reading the book "Our Heritage" latley and it is super inspiring!! There are so many miracles that happened with the early saints!! Something that I really admire is that although they had so many trails and tribulations they still kept the faith. I think that´s something we all go through every single day! In all of our decisions we are choosing if we will follow the Savior and his teachings :) I know that God wants us to follow him and will help us when we first have the desire to do so!! He helps us see our weaknesses so we can fix them and rise above them! It's a little process, I love the scripture in 2 Nephi 28:30 He wants us to learn in the little things :) I ove you all!! I hope you have a great week!! Get ready for tons of pictures :)

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