Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pray for Denis & Training!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Wellllll this week was incredible!!!! I can´t even explain how much love I have for Heavenly Father :) I really can´t!!! So this transfer has been really great, I feel like I'm really growing as a missionary and as a person, but we got home one night a couple weeks ago and I just could not not cry. I felt upset with Portuguese, how I teach, the people and just being frustrated. I don't like that feeling. It was a mix of everything. I asked God to help me understand why I was feeling this way, I felt comforted and the thought came into my head "Fica Fiel" which means "stay faithful". So the following weeks I´ve just been staying faithful and pressing forward regardless of what was happening.
We´ve really been looking for new ways to teach lessons! We started drawing the plan of salvation in a park one day and out of no where a huge dark cloud came in the air!!! It started pouring rain!!! You could see it coming toward you! Needless to say we took a shower that day :) The cars were pretty much driving in a river!
One of the best things of the week was that we were able to continue teaching Denis! We taught him the plan of salvation and he just had so many questions! He really wanted to find out the "whys" to everything! He´s also in Jacob in the Book of Mormon!! We also taught him the third lesson which is the gospel of Jesus Christ! He really liked it all and he brought a piece of paper full of more questions about what we believe and why!! We asked him if he had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true and he said yes, that he went in a forest to pray like Joseph Smith! We also asked him if he prayed about baptism and he said no that he needed more time. He said he wants to read all of the BOM before baptism. He also said he´d go to conference with us!
Well on Friday we had a Zone Conference with President Amorim! It was so great! He asked us to prepare a mini lesson of five minutes about the restoration! Sister Rovig and I had been practicing all week so if he called on us we´d be ready :) Well he started out playing videos of missionaries singing in conference and I already started tearing up! It brought back so many memories of the MTC!!! Sister Amorim gave us birthday presents too for the past three months! Then we got to the part of the mini lessons, I hardly slept the night before just practicing what I could say. He asked if there were any volunteers to go first and sister Rovig volunteered us!!! Hahaha I couldn't say no so we were the first ones to teach President and Sister Amorim in front of everyone!!! I was nervous but I knew the spirit helped us! We actually did really good but we didn't end in time :/ it´s really hard in so little time! But then after us another dupla of elders went and then President taught us how to teach a mini lesson and it was wonderful!!! He taught so powerfully and then he helped us understand how to teach them about the spirit first so that they will recognize it when we share the first vision!! :) He answered so many of my questions that I have been having!!! I was expecting them to be answered in conference but he answered all of them in our meeting :) He asked a question about why it´s important to have faith in our investigators, and someone said because they are children of God too, and he said what else and the thought came straight to my head "Because God has faith in me." I know that was the spirit calming my heart with all my doubts and uncertainty! I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost! We had another Lesson with Denis after about the Holy Ghost and how he will help him receive an answer. We did exactly what President taught us and then one of our members bore testimony of when she received her answer! We decided we would fast for him the next day during conference so he could receive an answer! He was really happy and we invited him to say a prayer to ask God about Baptism we promised the spirit would testify to him if it´s something he needs to do. We knelt and he said a prayer he thanked God for the knowledge that he was receiving and the path that he is on, then he asked very humbly if he was prepared to be baptised and he just paused because when he said those words the Spirit was so strong in that room!!! I have personally never felt the spirit touch me in that way I literally struck my heart when he said baptism! When he ended the prayer he looked at us and said Do I have to choose a date tonight? with a big smile on his face :)
We were really excited for conference the following day! Well conference came fast and I was so ready!!  I won't share to many of my thoughts today about conference because I have to be fast, but Denis came and he was already fasting!! Conference was amazing and in the first prayer I felt the spirit so strongly that this is the true church of Jesus Christ!! The talks were so perfect for Denis! I was so impressed with how much they bore testimony about the Plan of Salvation!! It was great! The following day we ate with one of our members and we were able to watch the other session of Conference! Denis went early at 10, stayed with us for the one at 1, and then stayed until 5 for the evening session!! After the 1 session he just started asking about what a testimony is and about how we do baptisms, we walked to the fount and we talked about what would happen, that all of his sins would be washed away. He just looked at us and said I would like to be baptised on the 11 of October! Sister Rovig and I looked at each other and just smiled so big!!! He is an elect person Holy Cow!!!!! He has been so diligent in studying the scriptures and has been praying so hard! He received his answer that day in conference that he wanted to be a member!  wowowowow!! I will finish the details and story later next week because I'm out of time!! But I love you all and I know that God is watching over us and has a plan for us! He calls the weak and qualifies us for our callings :) I know these new apostles are called of the Lord!! Have a great week!!! Pray for Denis!!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Hey everyone, so I don't have a lot of time to write but, sister Santos is going home, so I received a new companion Sister Wright!! She is from Virginia, United States! She finished 6 weeks of training, so I will be finishing the rest of her 6 weeks of training, my first baby girl!! I am super excited! I was nervous at first because I don't have a lot of time here but after conference my fears were taken away! The talk by Kim B Clark- when he was talking about the grandparents to serve in the Philippines and the wife said wait no he can't he has asthma! I applied this to my life, no God I can't train I only have 4 months speaking Portuguese and God said why are you worried? Don't you think I know that already? I will take care of you! Wow I was crying like a baby in the chapel. haha I know that this talk was exactly for me and even though it was in Portuguese I understood perfectly what my heart needed.
I want to bear my testimony that God calls men to do his work, I know that He really does qualify the unqualified to spread the gospel to the world. I know we have a prophet in this day with apostles to guide the true church of Christ! I love my savior and my God. I am grateful for this new opportunity to expand my abilities as a missionary of the Lord! Until next week! :)

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