Wednesday, November 25, 2015

8 month mark!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hey peeps! So this week it was Sister Barrett's turn to be sick!!! It was so sad!! But she actually got it worse than I did! They call it `gripe´. But she´s doing a lot better :)
I forgot to tell you about an activity that we had last week!! So they have a holiday here called São Domingos or something like that and they pretty much just roast castanhas which are chestnuts :) We literally were just eating for an hour! They are great! We also met a really cool girl named Filipa! We also had Manuel a different investigator there! Well last pday was pretty fun!
We got together with a bunch of missionaries in the north and we played football and soccer! I realized that I´m actually decent at soccer!! :) I actually really love this area, the members and the missionaries! I´m just feeling really blessed to be surrounded by so many great people!
My sister training leader Sister Schill is going home tomorrow! So we took a picture like it was her funeral!! its a little blurry but it was way funny! She trained my trainer so she´s technically my grandma!! Weird how time is flying by! I hit my 8 month mark!!! weird!
We ended up teaching Filipa later that night and it was an amazing lesson! I remember praying as we were walking to her house that I would be able to teach with the spirit and power so that they could understand our message! Especially because Sister Barrett was loosing her voice that night! It was one of the most powerful lessons I´ve taught so far! The spirit was so strong and they want us to come back and teach them more! It started out weird because they are not really religious and don´t believe much, but when we left they told us thank you for helping them understand and they genuinely want to read the Book of Mormon to find out if it is true :) I know the spirit was for sure teaching them! We left with sooo much happiness! We are excited to go back tomorrow night!
Unfortunately we had to stay in for a couple days because sister Barrett couldn´t talk and we so sick! I was able to study the bible a ton! What a blessing it is to know that our church not only follows the bible but we have another testament plus modern day revelation!!! We met with a member of a different faith and she was talking about what they believe and how the bible is word for word what we need to follow and it was very interesting to hear their point of view and opinion on the doctrine of Christ! But it was very sad because we asked her more specific questions and she said unfortunately we don't know because God hasn´t revealed them! And we said he has through a prophet in our day and age :) It was such a beautiful moment to share why it is so important we have a modern day prophet who talks with God and is able to reveal more information that we need to know! We have the eternal gospel in our lives!!! How blessed our we!!! I was able to read in JSH and it was neat to hear the same story we explain in Portuguese every day in English and how it really is because of that one prayer a young boy had God was able to give his children more light and an opportunity to know more truth :) Read his story this week if you have time!!!
We also had a cool night on Saturday! So we are teaching a really great family and they actually know a family in our ward, well the family Lindezas invited us all over to their house for dinner and we watched meet the Mormon's with them!!! :) The spirit was sooo strong! Members help hasten the work with more love! We are hoping to mark them for baptism in the next couple of weeks!!
Sunday was great it was the primary program and the children were sooooo cute singing little songs in Portuguese like follow the prophet and trying to be like Jesus! :) Well this is the first day of a new transfer! And we are all staying!! :) We are way excited to all stay together for the holidays!! Well that's it for this week! I know this is Gods kingdom established on the earth and we are apart of bringing more joy to the world with good news! I am soooo thankful to be here!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Imbtuba!!! I am loving it here! The weather is so nice, and there is always a view of the beach!! This area is so nice! When I got here I only heard the Imbtuba is hard and everyone leaves here depressed. But this past week I have seen nothing but literal miracles, I am so so happy! We have been finding new people to teach and have been making a lot of contacts! Two investigators Jaira and Hugo are one date for next week to be baptized!:) They are my favorite, Jaira and her mom Zumilde crack me up they are the funniest people I have met here in Brazil. The mom doesn't have a whole lot of interest, but they are really nice. They always stare at me because I have green eyes. Everyone says I look like a doll haha kinda weird!
Literally the people here are crazy! They act very strange, there is something in the water here! Our other investigator Felipe will be baptized the 12 of December. His mother in law is a member and he was introduced to the gospel about 2 months ago. Everyone loves him. It was neat he said I stopped believing in Christ but when I went to church I felt really happy. We invited him to be baptized on the 26 of December and he said no!!! And we asked why he said, I want to be baptized like NOW! Haha wow I will never forget that moment, he is so excited to get baptized and go to the temple with his Mom!!
Miracles are happening and I am so blessed to have been called to serve in this area!! My companion is awesome she is such a great teacher and we both are wanted to be better. She pushes me to make higher goals and to have higher expectations that I have for myself, but I know that literally anything is possible if we have faith in Jesus Christ!! Nephi 3:7 ❤

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