Sunday, November 15, 2015

Over the moon happy to be serving here! & Just pictures this week

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hello!!!!!!! Well this week was pretty fun! It flew by!!!! All I can say is that God blesses those who endure to the end!!! We finally got to meet with a couple people in an area called Valedares. We found a new investigator named Joao and he really liked our message! Our lesson was very simple but powerful. I remember leaving that lesson feeling like a missionary :) We also visited a less active member Fatima who has cancer, we shared with her the story of Liberty Jail and I shared a personal experience with her and how when I visited that church site the spirit told me that no matter what, God is with us :) We were all crying and I know that even though she's in a hard time right now God will help her through it!
Can I just say we have some amazing members here!!!! Not only do they feed us but they are genuinely wanting to help us with the work! :) Sister Barratt hit her 9 month mark!! So cool to be serving with her :) Mines gonna catch me before I realize it!
We also got in contact with a less active family here, they got offended over something so they haven´t been coming to church. But they really just need some love :) So we made them brownies and went back to their house and taught a lesson about keeping the sabbath day holy!! They loved it and in the end the mom said in her prayer that our visits were exactly what they were needing to heal their spirits! So hey I learned we make a bigger impact than we think!
We had a really great Zone meeting that really touched me!! :) We talked a lot about how we can be better missionaries and have a good reputation! :) We also did practices with our zone were two random duplas had to teach a lesson in front of everybody!!! Of course guess who they choose out of everybody!? Sister Barratt and I! haha it went well! They judged us very harshly and we still got a great score!!! :) especially on the Portuguese! we got a 4.9 out of 5! :) Haha I'm learning how to be more humble and how to accept the will of God!
We have been also teaching a Mother and her son Named Fatima :) she also has to other daughters my age, and one of them works as Levis!!! hahah we were talking about Levis for a while and then they were interested in why we are here!! We have been teaching her about the BOM and how through prayer, reading the scriptures, and attending church she will receive and answer! She said she will be baptised when she knows it's true :) She is amazing!!! I feel really happy when we teach her!!
Well We were super excited because by Sunday almost all of our goals were being met we just needed one more lesson with a member and then three investigators in church! Well it was kind of a high goal but one showed up right away, we ended up calling people but they said in the end they could show up! So we were kind of Sad because we worked really hard to get a lot of people there! But right after the sacrament one of the investigators walked in and sat by sister Barratt with a big smile, and then 15 minutes later another one Fatima walked in with her son Thomas!!!!!!!!!! I literally started crying in sacrament meeting knowing that God was blessing us for all of the hard work we were putting in :) Later that night we our lesson fell through so we decided to pass by a reference to see if she was home and randomly she was and we had a lesson and marked another for Wednesday! :) We were literally smiling all day long :)
I am just over the moon happy to be serving here in Gaia! Even though the work can be hard it is 100% worth it! I know that last week was just a week in preparation for  this one! I know when there are trials, there are blessings. They follow when we show God we will stay faithful!!! :) sometimes they don´t come right after but they do come!! I also tried hazelnuts :) its a big thing they roast them in the wintertime!! It´s super fun Portugal is always full of fun traditions! :) Well have a good week!!!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
No letter this week :(

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