Monday, November 16, 2015

Transfer to Imituba, Tubarao (shark)! & Sick again :(

(Sister Makelle Smith)
I have been transferred!! I am in Imituba, Tubarao(shark) haha that is exactly what city I need to be in. If anyone knew me they would know I hate sharks, but I really do think I will love it here! I am living with 4 Brazilians I really hope my Portuguese to be better this transfer! My new companion is sister Pomponio from Brazil! She is super nice and she has 4 months here in the mission! I am the sister training leader here in the area. I am so excited for this new area and for this opportunity to change and be a better missionary! I have been learning a lot about my purpose here as a missionary and why God gave me the impression to come. I really think it is because I know through the things that are happening here and for the trials I am having, I know that I am a better daughter of my heavenly father, and I am a better follower of our savior Jesus Christ!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
So it´s been kind of a slower week just because I actually got sick again! Wow I guess I have a really weak immune system! So the end of the week was very lame because we had to stay in the house but the beginning was really great :) So last P-day Sister Barratt and I cooked all day so we could have Cafe Rio salads on her Birthday on Tuesday! Lets just say I´m learning how to cook a lot better here on the mish. I totally made the meat and it turned out great :) I´ll send pictures. Tuesday after our district meeting we celebrated sister Barrett's Bday! The other sisters made brownies and the Elders brought cookies! It was a blast :) But sadly later that night we visited two families who have cats and smoke so my lungs got all puffy and started burning. Then the next day I had the flu :( We were able to teach a couple of our investigators but other than that we didn´t get to leave the house! I´ve really been thinking about a couple of things 1. The Plan of Salvation is literally our purpose. Once we know about the plan of God we immediately have peace and happiness because our minds are enlightened. Commandments are to help us achieve Eternal Life. That why we have them Alma 12:32. They are to help us live our lives worthily so we are able to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus again. :) 2. With all of the news about the bombings and shootings everyone here is very worried with how the world is just bad. They just are drooping around in the world literally! It´s crazy how Satan uses things like this to put fear in the hearts of men and to blind them from the truth. But there's a scripture in 2 Nephi 2:11 it explains how it´s necessary that there is an opposition in all things. This gave me a lot of peace and it makes sense. God created all things. So there has to be bad so that we can know the good. So when there is a lot of bad, according to the laws of creation, it has to mean that there is a lot of good too :)  That joy comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ :) What a blessing for those who know and have chosen to follow him :) That's why i´m so happy i´m here to spread not only good news but help them find eternal happiness! :) Oh yeah Jorge from Viseu an older man I marked for baptism my last day got baptised the other week!!!! I´ll send a picture! Well love you all!! Have a good week :)

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