Monday, December 21, 2015

1/2 Way! Only 9 Months Left!

9 Months! Hahaha!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
So this week was the week! Half way done with this mission! It was such a weird feeling because it has gone by so fast but yet it just means it's coming closer to an end! But it was such a great week! Sister Barratt and I are really getting into a groove! We are contacting better, teaching better, and we are even speaking better! :) There was a day when we felt a little down but then immediately we saw the blessings that God gives us when we stay faithful! I know that God understands our needs and will bless us when we are humble and willing to do his will!
So we also had our ward Christmas party!!! Haha we did karaoke! oh my goodness it was a riot! The members really got into it! Some of the young men sang backstreet boys! We sang a special hymn of silent night and it was sooooo funny because one of the investigators stood up exactly in front of us and took a picture with a camera that you have to wind up! So Sister Smyth started laughing in her part so we all starting laughing! Fatima and Tomás came!!!! She even made a cake and everything! It's practically like shes part of the family! She came for sacrament meeting as well! :)
It's so fun being here on the mission during Christmas! I always thought it would be hard because I would be away from family but itś really neat how the members really treat you like family and you feel the love like it was your own family! :)
Well I'm just going to send a bunch of pictures and I will be talking to the family this week!!!! I'm so excited :)
Mosiah 23:10 haha sorry its in port. today10 Não obstante, depois de muitas tribulações, o Senhor ouviu meus clamores, e respondeu às minhas orações, e fez de mim um instrumento nas suas mãos, para levar tantos de vós ao conhecimento da sua verdade.
I love how all of the prophets teach and testify of the savior and how he has saved them. I too have this testimony that the Savior is my best friend and helps me every day with my trials! I'm so thankful for this time to celebrate His birth! :) Merry Christmas!! Love you all :)
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Half way there baby!!! This week was so awesome!! Feliz Natal everybody!! I am so happy and excited for this week! We had our Christmas conference with the mission! I got to see Sister Irizarry and Elder Meredith! I missed them so much! We watched some videos and played some games. We also had a white elephant game! I had a lot of fun and it was nice to have a little break!
We found a lot of people this week to teach. I am so grateful for the guidance of God here in the mission. I have been learning how I can use the gift of the Holy Ghost and discernment here in the mission. I have been able just to ask God in my heart if I need to talk to a certain person or to knock a certain door and He answers me every time and when He says yes, usually they accept us to come in!
We found a woman named Dina and her husband passed away recently. She is so so so sad. I don't know how she feels, but I remember parts of my mission when I was sad but I knew God was here for me and there is a bright future. I remember bearing my testimony with power that she has a purpose and it doesn't matter how dark it is, there is always room to find happiness in life!! We invited her to be baptized so she can have an eternal family and she accepted!
I also got to teach a lesson in English to a man named Orlando. He has talked with the sisters before but never wanted to accept a lesson. One day we were so tired we didn't want to do anything so we sat on the corner to rest. Orlando walked up to us and sat down. We started talking to him about the Book or Mormon and Joseph Smith. We grabbed a Book or Mormon and I taught him in English so he could understand better. Sister Pomponio understood everything it was a miracle. At the end he asked me a question I will never forget, "Do you really believe that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ?" I was able to answer him YES! With my whole heart I believe it. We invited him to read the Book or Mormon and pray, he said he would. The part that hit me the most was that he reminds me so much of my dad he is only 46 years old. I just remember looking into his eyes pleading with him to read and to pray. I thought that if this was my Dad I would do anything for him to accept the gospel. He left and I just started crying. I have seen just how much my testimony has grown.
This week made 9 months half way done!! I am so so so grateful for this mission and for who I have become! God gave me the answer to come here to Brasil, learn another language and be apart of this glorious work. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows me better than I know myself. He really does guide us in our lives, and when we follow Him our faith strengthens in Him every time!

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