Monday, December 28, 2015

Christ will help our unbelief and raise us up! & Pics only

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hey!!! I hope you all had such a great Christmas!!!! This week has been absolutely crazy and I have literally a ton of pictures so I'm going to have to divide it up into days so I can get it all in!! :) It will be fast this week and then I can give more info next week k?! 
Monday: So we actually went to Porto and visited two places really cool! The first place is a really big tower that overlooks all of Porto! You have to climb up sooo many steps!! it is so pretty and the view is amazing! I´ll send the pictures! and then we went to a famous little library here! So this is where J K Rowling got inspired for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies! Sister Barrett loves those books so it was super fun to check it out!! It was beautiful! We also checked out the train station!! 
Tuesday: Fatima!!!!! We love her sooo much! We taught the 10 commandments and she said she´d live all of them :) as well as the law of chastity! She is really progressing! 
Thursday: So Christmas eve is actually more celebrated here than Christmas Day! They have their Christmas dinner on this night instead! But earlier in the day we went to an old home and sang for them some Christmas songs and they loved it!!! Haha it reminded me of Grandma Georges old home!! Then we went over to a members house Sonia and Abel and we ate with the other sisters and some elders in Porto! They had three rounds of food and TONS of desserts! They eat codfish, potatoes, carrots, and an egg! Then just a lot of cake it is called Bolo Rei it´s pretty much like fruit cake, Pão de Ló which is just a regular cake, and a noodle dish that's like rice pudding but with noodles instead! haha and of course chocolate! :) Don't worry I ate very very well this year!!! A couple of our cute members gave us little gifts too! We felt the love!! 
Friday: Woke up and opened our Christmas packages and letters, then we made our selves a Christmas breakfast!! Chocolate chip pancakes with our special white sauce ;) Thank you so much for all of the letters and gifts! We wrote sister Barrett's family and then we went over to Fatimas house for lunch!!! She is so sweet to invite us because it was her family's Christmas lunch! So we met her brothers and her parents! :) They asked us a bunch of questions and we got to explain to them about our church! They even said they´d come by and see how our church is :) Fatima is already a missionary!!! She was totally defending our church and saying there is just something special and different about it! Super cool! Then I got to talk to you guys which was really great!!! I thought I´d be fine because on mothers day I was fine, but I'm not going to lie it's really hard being away from your best friends!! Luckily right after we went over to a less active family's house and they just told us how much they loved us and how much they need us :) Wow it was so neat to feel the spirit so strong! I know that it´s a little bit of a sacrifice right now, but really it's because we are helping our brothers and sisters have more happiness and in the end eternal families!!! I love Julia's family!! They made me feel like I am fulfilling my purpose! 
Saturday: Fatima got a blessing! She has been feeling a lot a pain and so we told her about blessings and she wanted one! Wow it was such a special experience!! She said she felt something inside her that's really good!! We testified that it was the spirit and she was really happy! It was really cool because she still wants more time to study and pray before she commits to a baptism date because she's nervous she will make mistakes after but I was able to share my experience about when I went through the temple and I was a little nervous but that's because of the promise I made. God gave me strength to keep my covenants and I became a better person after I chose to act :) I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! I love my Savior!! She also came to church!
I had such an amazing week! I know that I am here in Portugal for a reason and that I am making a difference in my own way!! :) Read in Mark 9. Shares a story about the Savior and how He can help us if we choose to believe in Him first! He will help our unbelief and raise us up :) He will heal our mistakes and make us strong :) I am so happy for this time of year!! :) Love you guys!!

(Sister Makelle Smith) Just Pics this week!

9 Months too!                                   Best Gift Ever!
                               Good Bye Sister Pomponio! Sister Smith Loves You!

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