Thursday, December 10, 2015

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hey family! So this week is going to actually be a little shorter because I don't have much time to write! But some cool things happened this week that i really like to share!! So we've really been looking forward to working hard and finding new people to teach! It was kind of crazy because on Tuesday one of our lessons fell through because he had a doctors appointment and we had a little time in the area so we prayed that God would lead us to people who needed to hear our message! well we knocked every door on the street and we ran into a couple that are members of a church that is very similar to ours and we taught them of the restoration and said a prayer and the wife started crying! They want us to go back this week! We also met a woman named Monica and her mom and we also taught the first lesson and we asked her how she felt and she said just very calm relaxed and safe! She originally said she didn't have time to talk to us but then she invited us to come visit her every week and to meet her husband!!! The power of the spirit is real! We also taught a woman named Susana and her daughter Beatrize the first lesson and we asked how they felt after and she said she didn't have words to describe how she felt!  We asked if she felt good? and she said yes but it wasn't in a way that she could describe! Because she felt something so different! We asked peace? and she said yes but different! We testified that that was the holy ghost speaking to her! Wow We hit our goal of 6 new investigators!!!! God was helping us this week for sure! The power that the gospel has is so unique and special it really changes lives :) Also We taught Fatima with one of our members and their sons are actually best friends at school so it was an instant connection! we taught he about keeping the sabbath day holy! and she accepted the invite to come to church with us again! She came!!!!!! :) We have plans to mark her and Rui and Isabel this week for baptism!! Can I hear Christmas miracle? :) Well I love you guys and I hope you have a great week!!! p.s. read the chapter 13 and 14 in Mosiah!!! Our Savior was prophesied before he was born :)
(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was so amazing!! Filipe was baptized that for sure was the highlight!
Filipe is such a good example to me of how to walk in faith! We had his interview and he said he didn't have a solid testimony of Joseph Smith so we sang Josephs first prayer and he said he really felt the spirit. He then that night prayed read the restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon prayed and then prayed again. He said in his last prayer God gave him a very strong feeling he had never had before and he said he knew it was his answer! We called him the next day and he screamed - consegui testemunho!! We were all screaming of Joy! He was ready and prepared, he wants to serve God with all of his heart, really Filipe is a Young man I will never forget, I am so grateful to have been apart of his conversion to the true church of Christ! This week we had zone conference and they asked me to give a 20 min training in front of everyone, and I was so so scared! But in the end we planned everything out had a fun game and it all worked out! Thankfully God gave me the courage to get up there, for my first training it went well, now I know for next time as well! At the end of the week i was talking with the sisters here and how at the beginning of my mission I felt like I was a horrible missionary and I didn't do anything right. And they helped me recognize my strengths and gifts. I felt so much love for the Lord and for all of the things I have passed here, seriously I feel like I have just improved so much and my testimony is so much stronger. Without this mission I wouldn't know the savior as well as I do now! I know this mission is changing me into the person God wants me to be! I am so HAPPY to be serving and helping the people here find testimonies of their own of this Gospel!
Alma 36:24 I want the people here in Brazil to feel the joy that this gospel can bring!:)

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