Thursday, December 17, 2015

104 contacts! & So many miracles!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was amazing!! We had our ward Christmas party and it was so sweet!!
They had a tree with all of the names of the people in our ward and our names were up there too! I felt so so special, after the ward gave us a huge box of food for our Christmas feast, we all starting crying because we can really feel the love the ward has for us missionaries! I really feel part of this ward! The past few weeks we have only been teaching Jaira Hugo and Filipe preparing them for baptism so we hadn't had a lot of contacts or new investigators. This week we were able to make 104 contacts!!! So awesome, it made me feel so good that we could talk with literally everyone we saw! We found a ton of people to visit this week! One guy even said "I have always been curious about your church, me and my wife use the family search indexing" like what??? The Lord really is guiding us here and helping us do his work!!
I gave a talk in sacrament meeting using Mosiah 18:8-11 I talked about our baptismal covenants and how really being a disciple of Christ means being a member missionary at ALL times, not just one day a month but everyday trying to help the people in our lives come unto Christ! I know that by serving this mission I am fulfilling my covenant I made with my God. I know that Jesus is my Savior and through Him and His atonement I am clean from my sins. I know that we can feel peace as we plead and work together with God in our lives to be better people everyday. I learned that there is a difference within sin and weakness. Christ never sinned but he did have weaknesses he overcame. I know that because Christ payed for all, HE knows exactly how we feel and exactly how to help us in our trials and temptations. We just need to trust enough in him to follow and obey, then the miraculous power of the atonement will come! I know this to be true with my whole heart! I am learning a lot that I am needing to really forget about myself and get to work in unity! I know that if we forget ourselves the Lord with really use us as instruments in this Life! I love you!!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hey!!! So I actually forgot to tell you guys about the temple ground braking! What a blessing it is to be here in the mission! It means that God has many people in store for us to baptise so that they can do their work in the temple when its done being built!!! Well this week was fun! We had a Mexican lunch with a Ranata and her family! It was so great to have something a little bit different! :) Haha but I actually threw up afterwards because my stomach is so sensitive!! whoops!
Anyways As far as investigators Rui and Isabel are progressing and reading the Book of Mormon! We pretty much just had a review lesson about the first and the second just to make sure all their questions were answered. Isabel absolutely loves our lessons and literally lights up when we talk! We bore strong testimony about the atonement of Jesus Christ and thats why hes so important to us! It was really great! Rui was kind of getting up and getting things so we want to have a more calm lesson and mark them next time! Fatima is really progressing!! We taught her the third lesson and she really liked it! We asked her to be baptised and she still is waiting for a firm response, but she hasn't been reading in the Book of Mormon, so we challenged her to read and pray about it with real intent and she said she would. We also invited her to the baptism of Telma the sisters investigator and she came!!!! :) She came right before the last speaker and was able to see it! She also came to church! It was really weird because we ran into her a bunch right before the baptism and I know it was not a coincidence! It was God letting her know that she needed to go! She really likes church and her son Thomas has a ton of friends already and hangs out at one of our members house! The baptism was so pretty though! Telma was so happy to be making the decision to follow Christ especially because it took her a lot of faith to stop smoking! :)
Well the last miracle of the week is that we finally got to teach one of our investigators named Rosa! It had been forever since we taught the first lesson! She has depression and has to got to the doctor a lot so we haven't been able to pass by a whole lot! Well we went back and she said she had read until Alma 42!!! :) Soooo cool! So she literally reads every day! She said that this book is very different and that it brings a peace to the soul! :) She even says she likes it more than the Bible! And she knows the Bible inside and out! :) I love the mission because it shows all of the little miracles that we see during our week! Well I know that we are doing our Fathers work and preparing the people to go through the temple!!
Oh yeah random fun fact Sister Rovig let me know that two of our recent converts are actually dating!! :) yay!! Isaura and Denis are such a cute couple and both have great standards!! :) I'll send a pic! Anyways love you all!! 2 Nephi 22:2

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