Monday, January 11, 2016

She got a daughter too! & I know it is true!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Wow OK so I really don't have much time to write this week but I will be fast! Well I spent Monday and Tuesday in a Tripla with the other sisters because Sister Wood went home!!
Tuesday we got the call of transfers saying that Sister Barratt was going to Madeira and that I was going to be training!!!!! Wow you can imagine my excitement but also my shock! I honestly felt like i'd still have longer in the mission until i'd be a trainer but I know the Lord trusts me with the calling and wants me to be a leader! It was great I went up to Porto and pick up my daughter Sister Gouveia!!! She is from BRAZIL!!!!!! She is pretty much perfect so I'm not really training her but I know that we are going to have success together her in Gaia 2! We literally have been working so hard!! We have 100% obedient as our goal and we are talking with lots of people! Shes kind of shy so I've been helping her get our of her shell and speaking up more because she has such a strong testimony! Shes only been a member for 2 years, and she has such a light and understanding of the gospel!! I love training it's really been a lot of fun!! We already taught a family and have at least 5 lessons marked for next week with families! :) Haha D&C 4:5
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Our week was so hard, but in the end the rainbow really showed through!! We were making so many contacts and knocking so many doors, but nothing was working, no one was interested. So many people just see us as another church that is a name not the true church of Christ!! Everyone here they don't want a church with a name or title, they just have the church in their hearts. Sometimes that phrase bugs me haha because we know that the name of the true church is named after the Savior Jesus Christ.
Wow sister R is just amazing, she has a perspective of the mission that helps me to be better everyday! She really is challenging me to be more upfront with the people and really say the things necessary for them to progress!!
At the end of the week our golden family came to church!! Joel Francine and Bryon!! They are loving the church and especially the Book of Mormon. They LOVE the BOM really they read every night and always say how much it has helped them understand the bible and the gospel!! They are so amazing and really want to follow the savior. I have such high hopes for them that they will be baptized soon!!
God truly is blessing us for all of our hard work!!! When they were in sacrament meeting I couldn't help but smile, wow that is the happiness of the gospel right there seeing families together learning about Christ!! I want my family to always have the gospel. I am so so so grateful I was born into the gospel and have had the blessings my whole life! I will never be able to say how much love I truly do have for this church. I know it is true, nothing will change that!! I love you guys so much, thank you for always staying faithful in the gospel!! Until next week!!

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