Monday, January 25, 2016

#Tendermercies & #Lastminutemiricales!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
It was another great week!! We have been working so hard to find new investigators here!! The struggle has been real, but we are trying to endure the end! We have found a few this week that already know members of the branch!! so that was nice! We taught Joel and Ian and they are really progressing! We taught them the word or wisdom because that are literally addicted to coffee! They drink 3-4 cups a day!! We taught them and Ian sat there and started at the picture of Joseph smith. He said I never knew that coffee was bad for me, I always thought it was good, so I have been drinking it. We went back in 2 days. And Ian said ever since you two taught me that coffee was bad I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking juice! Joel made goals to stop drinking coffee from Monday. Wow it was such a miracle, the atonement is working in their lives!! They have so much faith and really want to follow the Lord!! We made skits from the Book or Mormon with the other sisters and it was hilarious! I am learning how to make food here and it is really exciting!! Sister R. Ribeiro and I get along great, we are super similar!! We try to joke and stay positive in the street!!
We have become addicted to an ice cream store here that sells ovalmaltine ice cream, basically the best version of Nesquick here in Brazil!!
We had a missionary conference with all of the missionaries around the world! So special, Elder Bendnar, Elder Oaks, and Elder Anderson all spoke and gave us encouragement to keep working hard, follow the spirit, and love the people!! They had a video about missionaries teaching the people the gospel of Christ accompanied with the music, I will go where you want me to go. I cried so much haha but it is because this work is so amazing, and we truly are calling people to repentance and join the true church of our savior, Jesus Christ!!
I am so grateful for the gospel and for my time to be serving here!! have a great week!!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Ok so this week was great!!!!! Heavenly Father really knows how to help us out when we need it :) The first thing that happened this week that was really cool was that we got to watch a conference that the first presidency put on for all of the missionaries!!! It was such a special feeling to know that I'm playing a part in helping the work of God continue forward!! They pretty much explained how we really need to focus on calling people to repentance and baptising people who are converted! It was really great! They talked and bore testimony that they know God loves us and that Jesus Christ lives and how we too are special testimonies that He lives and his gospel is restored! It felt such a power leaving that conference!
Well we taught Fatíma about living Prophets and it went really well we read about how we need to be a light to the world and shine with the love of Christ!! :) It was really great!! We finally are getting to know why shes taking so long to decide about baptism! She isn't using her faith in a way that makes a change in her life! She believes in God and in Jesus Christ but she doesn't do anything about it! We really challenged her to say meaningful prayers, read the scriptures everyday, and attended  all classes on Sunday! She came to all of them on Sunday so it was great to see her progressing spiritually as an individual :) Well the biggest miracles we saw this week were with two special families! We met a family from Brazil and a family from Angola!!!! We really were praying to find people who have interest in our message!!! We taught a mini lesson to the family from Angola and they absolutely loved it!! and we invited them to come to the sisters baptism and they came! They have a grandmother Teresa, the mother Mariana, and three sons Aderito, Carlos and Jamol :) They are the cutest family I have ever seen!! They loved the baptism because they said that's the way baptisms should be!!! :) hahaha they also came to all three classes at church! We also have an appointment with the father this week :) they took home Books of Mormon, bibles, and coloring books with the temple! They loved it :) Wow it was such a blessing to have a whole family in church learning about the gospel and feeling the spirit :) We were on cloud nine! We also taught the first lesson to a mother from Brazil with three daughters they are looking for a church here in Portugal and she loves how our church really supports families and their happiness! We are so excited to help the  people here if they are from Portugal or not they are still children of God looking for the truth :) haha I have so much to say but not a lot of time! I also have been studying the bible a lot lately and its been so interesting to really understand the doctrine of Jesus Christ and in Acts with the apostles! But the coolest thing was that I received an answer that I needed to really read in the Book of Mormon more, I thought well I already have read it how many times I should probably be studying the bible, but the spirit was very clear when it said I will feel more peace in my life if I will just study more in the book of Mormon. Well I for sure followed that guidance and I can testify that I have felt the spirit more abundant in my day to day because of dedicated a little more time in my studies to the book of Mormon :) I challenge you guys to do the same! Put aside 10 more minutes than usual and let the spirit enter more into your life :) I know it's true and holds truths that we need to hear every single day! Alma 38:9

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