Sunday, February 28, 2016

11 Months!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
11 months!!!!! Well this week was actually one of my favorite weeks yet!!! hahaha Sick all week got to love it! we went up to Porto on pday and we got to see a cool statue, eat some little hamburgers (they were so cute), and say goodbye to Abel! He's in the MTC!!! Il'l be honest something about the mission that's always kind of bugged me, is how a lot of people make really high goals. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed because the goals are TOO high to reach. Some people could say it's a lack of faith or not enought effort, but I just thought maybe in this sense i'm not cut out exactly for the mission. Well this wek our District leader gave us a really really high goal that I sure wasn't prepared for! Well I went home with tears in my eyes because I wasn't quite sure how I'd handle the next week! Well I prayed and I felt a lot of peace and I knew God would help me out!
I was really sick so I had to stay inside for a good part of the week!
Well we had an amazing opportunity to have a HUGE Mission conference with our the area 70 Elder Kearon! Holy Cow he and his wife are just angels!!!! Seriously I was pretty much in tears the whole meeting! They spoke with such power and conviction!!! I loved it! The part that was the coolest was that I came with a very specific question of why in the mission we have such high goals? I've been wanting this to be answered for so long so I was very excited to get it answered! Well it's like they were speaking to me and my circumstance!!! Seriously some of the biggest advice is that they said sometimes you just have to LET IT GO :) Here in the mission you meet a lot of stress and I've felt a little bit anxious at times. It was sucha good reminder to put my faith in God and let things go how they are supposed to go :) But one of the coolest things was that the holy ghost spoke so clear to me it was like he was revealing a secret I was waiting to hear!!! All I heard was that goals are meant to stretch us! I had a flash back to when we did Cheerleading and I remembered how hard it was at first to do the splits because we hardly were flexible. But with time it got easier. Sometimes the instructor had to come push us down and it hurt really bad because we had never stretched that much before! We didn't do the splits perfectly but the next attempt we were able to stretch farther than before. That's what big goals do for us! They help us get to our destination a lot faster :) WOW!!!!!!! I can tell you guys how much of a blessing it was for me to hear that through the voice of the Holy Spirit! I felt so comforted and loved that Heavenly Father really was listening to my prayers and knew how to respond so that I would listen! I will never forget that day! I literally felt a weight lifted from me that night!
At the conference we also got to see all the missionaries in the mission so i got to see al the Elders from the MTC district and zone!!! It just so happened to be our 11 month mark!!!! :) I also got to say goodbye to some special sisters!! Sister Johnson my mom and Sister Rovig my aunt haha. They were so special and helped me grow a ton here on the mission!
Sister Rovig let me know how much of a difference I made in Viseu in my first area and how people still remember me as the girl who always had a smile on her face! She also let me know that my recent convert Denis said I am one of his favorite missionaries hahaha it just made my whole day :) My heart was just absolutley full of love :) Awww there is so much to say this week but I don't have enough time! The mission is just flying by and I'm loving it so much!!!
We are also teaching another family from Brazil and we taught the plan of salvation, it was so neat to bare testimony that death isn't the end that God is full of love and has a plan! I was able to share about my grandmother and how she is about to pass away but I know how we are able to be together together. I shared how I couldn't imagine eternity without my family because I've only been away from my family for about a year and it is really hard! God knows how important our family is to us! He is our father and doesn't want us away from him too :) She lost a son a year ago and she had tears in her eyes and she said she was so happy to know that really her son is ok and she will see him again :) What a special moment that I will never ever forget!!!!
I love you guys sooooo much!!!! Have an amazing week!!! my theme scripture Alma 26:22 hahaha baptisms here we come :) OUR MISSION IS GOING TO TAKE OFF  :)

(Sister Makelle Smith)

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