Monday, February 15, 2016

God answers prayers &

(Sister Makelle Smith)
So this week I have been learning a lot! I have been studying and learning a lot about how God answers prayers. Our investigator Franscine, she is loving the Book of Mormon, but she just isn't receiving an answer if it is true or not. We thought that that was weird. So we read Moroni 10:3-5 and the Introduction of the BOM with her. We said that anyone can receive this answer if you have real intent to follow it. She has been having problems accepting the word of wisdom, but she is really trying to live it in her life. We have been making goals with her to read and live the word of wisdom. I know that as she does these things one day she will know so clearly that it is true and this church is true!! Their family is so elite, really they are so perfect for the Gospel and His church!
I also read Helaman 7:29 where Nephi receives revelation from God not from himself. So it is the same, God will always always always answer our prayers, sometimes it will take a little longer than we want but He is always listening and ready to speak with us! We just need to be ready and listening as well to receive it! This week we had interviews with the President Silva. He is so so amazing. He really does care about us as his missionaries.He makes me feel so important as a missionary and helps me overcome my challenges.
Rafael (brother of Filipe) came to church!! He is trying to return to the church and he came it was a good Sunday this week!! I taught the gospel principles class and it went well, first time alone!! But i felt more confident for sure!! I learned that God loves us so much so he has prepared everything we need to help us in our lives!! He will always provide a way as long as we are faithful!! Love you, have a great week!!

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