Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fatima & Thomas Baptism!

(Sister Courtney Smith) Last week's letter
Fátima e Tomás foram batizdos!!!!!!!! What a week!!! :) I can´t express how happy of a week it was to see two more people enter into the waters of baptism!! I don´t know if you know but they have actually been taught for about 4 months now! We have been helping her recognized Gods plan for her and how she can receive more peace and joy in this life!!! So we actually taught her parents the first lesson on Tuesday night and it went really well!! They are very religious and they were very surprised about our message of having a prophet like the bible! Fátima even explained why there shouldn´t be so many church's but only one led by God and a prophet! :)
Then later in the week we had her interview and reviewed word of wisdom. Our district leader said he was very impressed with how they both answered the questions and how they both really do have the desire to follow Christ! We ate dinner at a members house and she taught us how to make a classic Portuguese dish! I´ll make it for you guys when I get home! We also taught an investigator named Roberta with her daughter Laura! She read the book of Mormon and even said a prayer like we asked! And she said she felt really good about it and believes our message is true! And they even excepted our invite to be baptised! She just can´t do a lot right know because she is pregnant and will have her baby in 10 days! So we are working with her family :) Well were so excited for Saturday!! I even made some caramel popcorn Dad! It´ll never be the same!
But the Baptism was so beautiful! Tomás was super excited and they just had big smiles the whole night! I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost and it was such a cool experience because it was the first talk I´ve given in a baptism! I explained how the Holy Ghost is like a best friend! He helps us feel happy, he gives us peace, he´s loyal to God, he is there for us when we need him, he is comforting, but more importantly he is the friend that will help us become more like Jesus Christ! He helps us know the things we can do or change to become like him :) When they entered into the font Fátima just had a smile and peace that I hadn´t always seen! They were so happy! We had dinner at a members house and they were just glowing! It felt like they had already been members for a while!! They´ve really accepted the fact that they are members of the church :) Tomás is soooo cute he asked us one day why don't you guys get a newer and nicer phone? we said because we don't need a new one this one works just fine! And he said oh is it because you want to follow Jesus? We said yep!! hahaha then he replied because to Jesus things like phones aren't important he just likes to love others!!! hahaha :) When they received the gift of the Holy Ghost the next day they were just so happy :) Tomás wanted a `bíblia sagrada` all morning! (bible) They are just awesome examples to me of blind faith, they really had to put their trust in God that this is his church and his way back to him :) and it´s easy to feel that that's exactly true :) I´m so thankful for the opportunity to help teach her all of the lessons and to be there at her baptism! They are a very special family to me and I know one day Tomás will even serve a mission! I can´t explain the happiness that becomes complete when you watch one of your brothers or sisters follow Christ and start a new life! I know the gospel is true and I know God will help us every step of the way! I'm so blessed to have the truth in my life and to feel of his love :) I hope you all have an amazing week!!

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