Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Room full of tears! & pics only

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week was great!!! Pretty much the same old same old :) We've been teaching the cool families and also we are still teaching Fatima :) Sadly the family from Angola is going back to Angola next week!!!! We were so sad to hear that they have just been staying here because the Grandmother has a heart problem and was here to see doctors :( We went back to teach them about the Book of Mormon and they loved it! We also invited them to be baptized and this is when they told us they were going back!!! Oh it was sooooo sad.
We also taught the family from Brazil and Roberta has so much desire to learn and read the Book of Mormon! Shes actually heard a lot about our church and really has real intent! Sister Gouveia bore testimony that when she read the Book of Mormon and prayed about it she knew it was true and decided to follow those feelings!! My comp was baptized in 2 weeks!!! Hahaha she was an elect investigator!!! :)
Fatima is still drowning in doubts. We keep trying to help her see what God has already helped her see and feel is true but ultimately its up to her to make the decision!
Well something cool that happened this week is that we had an activity where we watched Meet the Mormons in our church!!! The members invited friends and family that aren't members so that they could get to know more about our church! It was great! :) We had 13 investigators there! We made popcorn and cookies :)
We also ate lunch at the family from Angola's house! They made us food typical of Angola!! They are super cute and they are going to continue talking with the missionaries in Angola! We taught them the plan of salvation and they really loved it! They've had many close members of their family pass away and have struggled with depression and they started crying. It was really neat to help them understand that if we do what God wants us to do He will give us everything He has and we will be able to be with our loved ones for eternity :) It was such a sweet experience when I got to testify how I want to be with my family for forever and how much love Heavenly Father has for us that He too wants to be with his family for forever with each one of us :) Room full of tears :)
I know it is true and that Gods plan for us is absolutely perfect! I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have and the blessing it is to live the gospel of Jesus Christ!! Love you guys!!!

(Sister Makelle Smith) No Letter, just pictures this week.

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