Monday, February 29, 2016

Us against the world! & Transfer to Foz Do Douro :)

(Sister Makelle Smith)
So this week was great! I got transferred to a new city called Içara! Sister Irizarry´s old area!! It's cool because everyone knows her and tell me stories! I am with Sister Cabaña from Argentina! She speaks English so we get to joke a lot! I am determined to learn Spanish with her!! She is already helping me say prayers in Spanish, pretty sweet!
This area is huge, seriously gigantic and it's only the two of us against the world!! But we are both so ready to work hard this week to find new investigators. Before I left Imbituba I read a scripture in 3 Nephi when the Lord speaks with the worried Nephi that the sign of the coming of Christ will never come, and He Said lift up your head and be happy tomorrow the sign comes. I felt like that scripture was just for me that this next area I would see miracles and be so happy!! I got to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting, and all the members are nice here!
This city is so hot! There is no wind so it just hits you as you walk outside! We made some contacts this week that felt so natural. We just start talking with them and they accept us to visit them, it just felt right. It was neat to see that God is truly putting people in our path that will accept our message! We have met some crazy people this week seriously no one will understand, hahaha i have never laughed so hard or felt so awkward, luckily sister Cabaña laughs with me, I feel happy even when things don't turn out perfect!!
We met an old man who was a prostitute for years. And he was addicted in drinking and drugs, we showed him the book or Mormon and said he can change and be clean from all of those things. I bore my testimony of baptism and the atonement of Christ and I invited him to be baptized. Sister C and I felt the spirit so strong and we thought he would accept, but he made an excuse.
We are here and are so ready to get working again!! I feel so excited and grateful to have this time here to serve the Lord and invite others to come unto Christ!!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week was actually really crazy because we got our transfer calls!! I don't have much time to explain today everything but I got transferred!!! Wow what a surprise!! i was not expecting it especially because I thought I would finish the training of Sister Gouveia!! :( we were pretty sad about that one!! Well I had to say goodbye to Gaia and all the new friends I have made!! As you can see by the pictures I was devastated!!! ah man I was so sad to leave everybody!!! I'm so thankful for the memories I have they are so special to me!!! I got to say Goodbye to Fátima my recent convert and it was one of the hardest goodbyes yet!!! She is such a special friend and I know we will always stay in touch!!! Well I got my new comp Sister Nagliati and she is Italian but lived in Brazil her whole life! Lets just say she is perfect!!!! She is such an amazing comp and I already feel so blessed to be serving with her!!! She is so nice and loves to talk so its perfect for me I know we will find a lot of success!! I will write about the people next week because I have a lot to say!!! But I LOVE YOU all and I hope you have an amazing week :)

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