Monday, March 14, 2016

Their faith will be sufficient! & pics only

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Wow all I can say is that this week really was crazy!!!!! It has been a roller coaster of emotions!!!! Sister Nagliati and I are being put to the test!!! Our faith was tried this week but like I talked about faith last week, we have to prove our faith so that the miracles can happen! :) Well so what happened this week lets see... Sister Nagliati turned 20!!!! It was a bunch of fun! It´s funny because she is about 6 months behind me so it´s so weird for me how fast time goes so fast! I cant believe I'm 20 1/2! já!
Well we celebrated and made cake it was great!
We had to do another practice about the law of Chastity and it went well :) So we´ve really been working on helping our investigators prepare for baptism!!! Well Shana is doing well but she has been getting sick so we had our bishop give her a blessing and she said she felt a rush when they were blessing her :)
Paulo actually broke our hearts because he's been letting the adversary get a hold of him and he's having self confidence issues... well he said that he didn't think he could handle the responsibility, man we were so bummed!!!! But we let him know that he would be able to handle it and that this is what God wants for him! But we told him we respected his decision! Anyways we went back to talk with his wife alone the next day to help her faith and we all decided to do a group fast for him!!! So on Sunday we were all fasting :) In the morning we woke up to go find everybody and it was such a crazy day no one was coming with us!!!! We were so sad because we had 5 people marked to come with us! Well then Paulo came with his wife to the bus stop and ended up coming to church :) We were so happy!!! We caught the bus in time and everything! Well right when we were getting disappointed we received a text from Conceição saying that she could make it to the baptism after church! So we all hopped in a white van and went to the baptism of the Elders in Porto!!! Wow the spirit was so strong and we watched 3 people get baptised!!! Paulo was so happy he just kept saying wait I´m going to do that next week right??? :)))))))) We couldn't believe it!!!!!!!! He wants to still be baptized!!!! Conceição was so excited about the baptism because it was the first time she had ever gone to church so that already was a miracle for her! Then she practically jumped out of her seat so that she could see them go in the water :) Afterwords she said that she wanted to do that and feel like those people did!!!! :)))))))) We were so happy and felt God working with us soooooo much!!! I am telling you guys God is so powerful and knows exactly what each and every one of us need!!!! I am so honored to be a missionary witnessing all of the miracles happening every day :) We shared the story of Peter with Paulo, Shana, and Conceição and they all felt so much strength that they can trust the Savior and that their faith will be sufficient!!! I kind of felt like him this week because of the amount of stress, sickness, and heartbreak but Sister Nagliati and I decided to keep faith in these people and this area and we knew we´d see God´s hand in our life!!!! I wasn´t a bit surprised to find out we were right! I can´t wait for this weekend!!!!!! :) PS I hit my year mark this week!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!

(Sister Makelle Smith) No Letter this Week :(

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