Friday, March 11, 2016

Traing Leader & Positive Perspective!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Wow is all I can say for this week!!! I am absolutely loving the area and my new companion! She is so great!! This place has a bunch of potential! The ward has 14 members and they are all in their high 70s so it's kind of a challenge! :) but its going to go well!!! We are here to help them grow!
first off I will talk about sister Nagliati : She is from Brazil but her family is from Italy, we are pretty much soul sisters!!!! I am so blessed to have the chance to serve with her!! She is very powerful and full of passion so the people here pretty much stop to talk to her!!! We have the same interests and we are very similar! I can´t say enough good things about her! She's really teaching me so much!!!
So this week was pretty crazy because on Tuesday we got a call from one of the APs saying that I was needed in the Mission Council the next day!!!! I thought that's weird! But he said I was actually a Sister Training Leader! :) Wow what a surprise! I couldn't believe it haha no one told me! So I went the next day for the first time on the mission! It was super cool to be with all of the leaders. We talked a lot about where we are at as a mission and how we can improve! It was such a privilege to be apart of it!! I felt the spirit really strong, I think I was nervous because I didn't know if I was ready for a responsibility like that right now, but it was really cool because our President told us that he has a lot of trust and confidence that we will be great leaders! I just felt a wave of Peace come over me! The spirit let me know that I´d be just fine! I had so much love for OUR mission Portugal Porto! :)
The next day we had our zone meeting and as a responsibility of a Sister Training Leader you usually do a practice of how to teach or do an invite for an investigator! So I was assigned to do and invite to come to church :) I was nervous because it was my first time but I knew that the spirit would help us out! You have to go to the front of all the missionaries and show them how to do it, so you get a little scared because everyone is watching and judging. Well we got up there and the practice was going really well Sister Nagliati is such an amazing teacher we work really well together! Anyways I was able to bear testimony in the end how church has given me a lot of peace in my life and in the end the whole room was in tears! :) I couldn't believe how the spirit touched us in that moment! We usually give a rating out of 10 how the practice went and how we could improve, and everyone gave us a 10!!!! I never heard of that before! That's was the first time in my whole mission that I received that! It was such a confirmation that the spirit would be with us and that we are qualified :) The AP Elder Mcggie came up to us in the end and told us that it was the best practice he has seen in his whole mission! That made us feel so good because hes going home in a couple of weeks! It was one of the coolest experiences of my mission!!! I know God Trusts us a lot and expects a lot of us!!
So we are teaching a couple of people right now. The first person is named Paulo :) His wife and daughter have already been members for a little more than a year and he´s finally shown interest in learning more!!! We marked him for baptism on the 19th :) They really want an eternal family!
2nd is Shana :) She is from Angola and is 18 years old! She has such a testimony of Jesus Christ and really wants a new start in her life! She wants to be devoted to the Savior! We had previously asked her to be baptized and the choose a date and she said she would think about it and pray about it. It was so cool right after our zone meeting we went over to her house and we had a great lesson about the atonement, we sang her a hymn and in the end we asked her to choose a date and she said the 19th of march!!!! :) Wow it gave us chills when she said she felt very confident about that day! Then after she told us she wanted to sing to us and she sang a beautiful christian song :) Then she said a powerful prayer, the spirit was so strong!!!! I can´t explain how the spirit was in me that day, I felt a very warm feeling in my face it was amazing! We are super excited for her!!! It was the best day of my whole mission!!!! I couldn't believe how God was helping us so much :)
Third we are teaching a woman named Conceição, she is the mother of a member named Eduardo. Eduardo was recently reactivated a couple of months ago and just received the priesthood this Sunday!!!! She is a very humble woman with faith in God :) She is simple and feels really good when she reads the book of Mormon! She is marked for the 2nd of April :)
I can´t believe all of the success God is giving us in this area!!! It really is our job to help the continue in faith and make it to the day of the baptism, and after have them work towards a goal to the temple! :) Its crazy because I also was able to help out the bishops wife that is less active and I colored her hair! Missionaries haven't been able to go to their house for a while so it was a blessing to use my skills to bring the gospel back to her!!! :) it went really well and I know God uses our abilities to bless the lives of others!!! Our bishop is amazing and has a lot of fire to help this ward grow as well! Please pray for the ward in Foz!
Well this scripture really describes the week i´ve had! it´s in Either 12:6
"And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith".
I know that all of the miracles that happened really were because of the Faith that Sister Nagliati and I had in the Lord and his promises. I hope you had an amazing week of miracles too! love you all so much!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Wow this week was great! I got sick, but the days that we worked we saw some miracles!! Really there were a lot of people who stopped us in the street asking us if we were Mormons and asking us to visit them, Like what?? Also we made some contacts and we had a few people let us in and teach them!! It was a miracle, haha the ward says that this is the hole of the mission, but we are sure working hard and trying to keep a positive perspective as we work!
We had stake conference and that was so fun because I got to see all the members from Imbituba!! I miss them so much and it helped me feel their love for me! I saw Irma Sonia and Rafael! Sonia is Filipes mom who was baptized last December. Rafael was less active for 6 years. She gave me a box of chocolates and Rafael thanked me for serving a mission. He said that it was because of my testimony about the Atonement and Repentance that it gave him the desire to come back. Wow he has changed so much and is studying the scriptures everyday and living the missionary schedule. He is now filling out his papers to serve a mission. He said I am grateful to Heavenly Father for sending you to our family!! Wow on the bus ride home I couldn't help but cry and thank God for sending me here to Florianopolis.
I am so grateful for this experience to help his children come to know the Gospel and the savior!! I love you all, and anyone who is thinking about serving a mission go for it, the Lord is waiting for you be an instrument in his hands!!! Have a great week!:)

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