Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Humility is a virtue right? ;) & pics only

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week has been very eventful but yet not eventful at all.... haha weird to say that but it´s true!!! So as a Sister Training Leader we had what we call a mission Council where all the leaders meet together and we talk about how we did the last transfer and how we want to do in the next one. We also talk about ideas of how to improve and how to help our specific areas. Well this transfers was really cool! One of my comps Sister Barratt was able to stay with us over night and it was a blast to see her again! It´s kind of weird because the further I go the older i feel on the mission!!! I for sure felt a lot of responsibility this week! It´s kind of weird adjusting and learning from it! Sometimes it´s not fun when people are looking to you or when you feel pressured to have to make decisions and voice your opinion. But hey it´s apart of life and I´m learning a lot! something about missions is that it teaches you a lot to prepare for life! For example as missionaries we practice our lessons so that when we teach it comes out the right way and it´s able to touch the person so that the spirit can testify to them what we are teaching is true. In all our meetings we always do practices in front of everybody so we kind of get nervous every time we have a meeting! luckily I didn´t have to in the first meeting, but then a couple days later we had a big meeting with two zones! We were the first meeting so it was a little more direct than the later ones, our President is really focusing on improving the way we teach! Something I´m learning about my self is that I don´t like the spot light and I don´t like people judging me "surprise surprise" as Dad would say ;) and in our big meeting our President called us up to do a practiced. He taught us a new technique to help find out what people are really struggling with so that we can teach to their needs. Well lets just say it was the worst practiced i´ve ever done in front of so many people!!! ayayayaya I felt so stupid because I just wasn't on my game! hahaha Sister Nagliati and I really learned some humility! But actually it was awesome because I learned how to use this new technique and you better believe I won´t mess up with it anymore! I will do it exactly the way our President taught us :))))) hahaha I´m learning how life goes sometimes your doing really great and other times we are learning and in situations that we don´t like! Something that became more of a reality this week is how important repentance is in our life!!! It was such an experience that taught me the necessity! Because we are not perfect and this life is all about progressing and becoming better :) Three stories from the week:

1. This week was fast and testimony week! I am so thankful for the opportunities we have to strengthen one another in our wards! It is so neat that we can help each other through our own experiences! Not a lot of religion allows this to happen. I know that sharing our testimony with others is essential for our progression. We are able to see where we are at and most of all the spirit is able to confirm to us in our heart what we believe is true :) I was able to bear testimony about the temple and the promise we made as a family so that we can be together forever! I was able to share about Grandma passing away but I shared how I was so thankful that God gives us peace and joy even in hard times, that's why its so important we have the restored gospel in our lives!

2. Church was kind of crazy. Our Bishop was trying to share about how we need to be more like the Savior and how we should gossip, lie, or judge unrighteous. Unfortunately the church is still pretty new here so some of our members took it the wrong way and people got offended. I had to go the front and calm people down and bear testimony of how the church is about repentance, being better, and loving one another. We can only get better :) hahah it was one of the moments in my mission where I felt like as a missionary I have authority that comes from God. Everyone ended up understanding and forgiving.

3. We are meeting with a cute family and we passed by and they have this little tiny hamster. The little girl Iara told us a story that he ran out the door and fell down a flight of stairs and passed out!!! hahaha but then her grandma Adelaide told us that he resurrected and came back to life!!!! :) we were all laughing for a good 10 minutes it was so cute! I love the kids here they just crack me up! It was the funniest thing I've heard in a while i guess you had to be there!

4. We taught the first lesson to a less active member and his new girlfriend who isn't a member and his daughters! We used brownies and candles to teach how the light of Christ was with all the prophets and with Jesus but after he died the light went away. Then we shared about Joseph Smith and how he brought back the light because of the First vision :) it was so cool we felt chills as the light came back :) I love the little confirmations we get as missionaries that help build our own testimony!

I hope you have an amazing week and remember that life is going to come at us in different ways but how we deal with it is what matters! my motto this week "Try a little Harder to be a Little better" Gordon B. Hinckley. Love you!!!

(Sister Makelle Smith) Pics only!

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