Thursday, April 28, 2016

Special experience & Showing a lot of Love!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was one of the hardest yet, because I said goodbye to one of my absolute Best friends Sister Cabaña, I cried like a baby!! I love that girl so much, i hope she gets home alright and is happy!! I got my new companion Sister Dourado, she is from Purnambucu which is the nordeste! She is Brazilian and super cute!! I think it is gonna go well!! We are going to try and get Erika to go to church this week, she so close!!
My special experience this week was we made a contact with this old man and I gave him a little invite to go to church, he took it and kissed and looked up to the heavens with tears in his eyes, super special!! I almost cried. He lives super far away from church, so I don't think he will be able to go, but the moment meant a lot to me!! I am super excited for this week, and we will see what happens, please keep us in your prayers so we can find the elite!!! Love you guys!!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
So all in all this week has kind of been a restoration week. As far as all the drama from last week it all went away and we were able to fix the situation, we had to have some long talks but in the end it all worked out they understood what they did wrong and how as missionaries they need to respect our authority and that we represent the Savior! It was pretty interesting because last week I was listening to the Priesthood session and I heard a quote that Elder Uchtdorf Said: "The Savior won our souls with LOVE". That's what we tried doing a lot of this week! Showing a lot of love to everybody! It was the easiest way to help Eduardo get over his issues. It´s amazing how love really is one of the strongest forces that we have to help people! Especially the love from the Savior! He can heal us completely because of what he did out of love for us! We have been doing little acts of service too!
The picture of the braid is of a girl who is apart of the family of our investigator the whole apartment came down to come watch me braid her hair because none of them know how!!! It was really cool how I could use my skills to spread the gospel! We invited all of them to come to our mothers day activity!
Our investigator Catia is really sweet and really is progressing! She wants to talk with us more before coming to church but her daughter loves us because we read the Book of Mormon with the pictures with her! It's such a blast teaching kids! They had three little girls and Catia her sister and her mom all listening about Joseph Smith and how we have the Book of Mormon, in the end all the girls wanted to say a prayer! They are so cute!
Yesterday we were able to contact one of the references of our member brother Teixeira, they have been friends for a while and they even took a computer class and go to swimming classes together! They even have the last name! She was one of the people we sang to on Easter and she was the one who cried when we sang to her! Her name is Alice she is 70 years old and is apart of a little church. She reminds me a lot of Grandma Smith :) It was so fun to picture myself teaching my Grandma if she wasn't a member and how I would treat her. We went over to deliver a present from brother Teixeira and she let us in gave us tea with a little snack of biscuits with marmalade and cheese!! It was the cutest thing ever she talked about her family and showed us pictures for a whole hour! She then looked at us and said well I guess you have been here for a while I will hear your message :) We taught her the Plan of Salvation because one of her sweet daughter passed away about 10 years ago.. So we were able to help her know she will see her again! It was neat to share my testimony of my family and how I know God wants happiness for us so He made a way for us to see our loved ones, just like my Grandma who just passed away. It was a neat experience for me to be able to share what I feel and know as a real person. She enjoyed the message so much she wants us to go back and have lunch with her! Now it will be our turn to show her about our family :) We will be going back with the member who introduced us to her! I love the simple ways to share the gospel with our friends and really mean it :) I love Jesus and how he showed us the way to help and love others, I also love how he loves us too! I hope you guys have a great week! So close to mothers day!!! Can´t Wait!!!! ❤

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