Thursday, May 26, 2016

Elder Bednar! & Super cold!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well there's actually not much to say about this week besides the fact it´s been amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To start out we had a district party and all the missionaries are really fun :) I´ve really enjoyed our district here! We received more missionaries so it's huge! Then on Thursday we had a special meeting with Elder Bednar in the morning just with the missionaries!!! Wow it was incredible! They asked me to lead the music so I got to sit up close and be almost next to the pulpit!!! What a blessing! When he walked in the room and huge motion of peace just came in the room!!!! I know he is an apostle of God!!!! It was super interesting because he actually didn't give us a huge talk but rather talked with us and we shared what we learned from his talks he gave us to read. He is an amazing teacher and really answered a lot of my questions I´ve had on the mission!!! I´m so thankful for the chance to be able to shake hands with and listen to him for 3 hours :) It was amazing, once in a lifetime chance!!! God really is blessing us here! We also had a meeting with him with our members later that night and one of our street contacts came!!! He said he really liked it and he said he would come to church! He did!!!! His name is Manuel carvalho and he is around 66 years old :) He is super elect and is ready to be baptized! He wants to have the priesthood and become like the Savior! He paints and he gave all of us three huge copies of his paintings for free and they are beautiful! I will take a picture of them and send them next week he even signed them for us!!! Man it´s been a special week :) I don´t have much time but I know that God blesses us when we do our part and try our best! I´m so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows us and what we need, he knows when we need challenges and when we need blessings :) Love you guys!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Hey family, this week was super cold!!! haha so weird that it gets cold here in Brasil!
We got sick for part of the week, but we are better now! We having been finding new people to teach and we are inviting everyone we teach to be baptized in the first visit!! We really are seeing if they are elect or not this way, that way we don't lose time teaching people who really won't progress!! But our investigator Erika has been reading the book of mormon and she says she knows its the word of God, She said she will come to church this week! I am so excited for her!! I am loving the mission, pray for us that we can find new gators this week!!
Scripture of the week- Alma 7:15 This is our purpose as missionaries and representatives of the Lord, invite all people to come unto Christ by inviting them to put aside all of their sins and show God that they will follow Him and His gospel here on the earth. I feel so much pride that I get to be apart of this work!! Love you all!

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