Thursday, May 26, 2016

Great week! & TRIPLA!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
Ok sorry I don't have too much time but this week was great! We made tons of contacts trying to find new investigators. We found a woman named Rosie. She is so sweet! She recognized that our church is the only one with the priesthood authority of God and we told the first vision and she started balling. She said she new that this church was true and she said she prayed for people to show her the right church! haha she truly is crazy elite!! She went to church and wants to be baptized. So cute to watch her cry as she took the sacrament, she really felt that this is the true church of Christ!! Wow super awesome, we need some more investigators like that!!!
We got a new missionary leader in our ward and he is just rocking it, he wants to help the work and help the ward here grow!! Things are going well here Sister Dourado and I are doing great. Until next week!!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Welllllllll the best way to describe this week is Bagunça!: which means confusion or kind of nuts. :) haha Soooo we had transfers here and I was actually expecting my comp Sister Nagliati to leave but I was super anxious to find out who would be coming to Foz with me!!! Well I was told I´d be staying in a TRIPLA! hahahahaha I never would have guessed I´d serve in a tripla! It´s actually super rare! So my two comps are Sister Varuçale who is from Moçambique and Sister Peixe who is from Brazil :) Wow Sister Varuçale just has the biggest heart and the funniest way of talking! She literally makes me laugh all the time just by the way she says things! Shes got some African sass and it just livens our lessons up! Sister Peixe is the sweetest missionary you will meet! She is hilarious too! Which you actually don´t expect from her! Man I already know I'm going to love these sisters a bunch! It´s actually so funny because we are from such different backgrounds that it makes our lessons super powerful! People can really see how the Church of Jesus Christ is for everybody from all cultures :) I have loved hearing their stories and their testimonies they have already been making me a better missionary and leader! They both are converts to the church, sister Varuçale was from a very evangelical church and sister Peixe was a Jehovas witness. Their conversion stories are incredible and they both have so much fire and desire to share the gospel with everybody!!!! :) I know that this transfer is going to be a good one!
Well as far as the work goes it´s kind of slow but we are meeting and marking a lot of appointments so we can start teaching new people! So I´m excited for this next week! And... Elder Bednar is coming... HE´S COMING TO TALK ESPECIALLY TO THE MISSIONARIES!!!!!!!!  I´m so excited I can hardly wait!!!! I will be able to shake his hand and listen to his words! I always wanted to see an apostle on my mission!!!!
This week was really great for me, a lot of prayers were answered. I had been feeling a little bit anxious and stressed this week because I had to travel 5 hours away to go help sister Varuçale shut down her area and then 5 hours back then we had to pick up sister Peixe the next day so I had been feeling super exhausted. Well Sunday comes around and I was really looking for some peace and some comfort. Well One of our members has actually insulted me and on Sunday he made a comment behind my back but I caught him saying it and I called him out letting him know I knew what he said and he just played it off like it was all a big joke. Well it was kind of the last straw of the week and I just felt like crying. During the sacrament I felt such an overwhelming peace and a phrase came into my head clear as clear can be. "He knows how you feel". I know that My Savior Jesus Christ knows me and my struggles. I know He gives me strength to bear them and to be better. I am forever grateful for the overwhelming peace I felt as I took the bread and water, remembering of HIM and what He did for me. I know that without Him I wouldn´t have hope and I wouldn´t be able to accomplish what I´m doing know and in the future. He is the only way we can become like God and progress in our lives :) I´m so happy I get to be on a mission and bear testimony of HIM and his Gospel! Love you all and have a good week!

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