Monday, June 13, 2016

Reading Jesus the Christ & Loving every minute here!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
So this week once again flew by. I don´t have a lot of time this week and to be honest I don´t have too many words besides we had 3 people in our sacrament meeting and 5 people in total with our classes!!! It was such a sucess!!! :)
Manuel is progressing and is slowly but surley quiting smoking. :) He has such a heart of gold and has a true desire to follow Jesus Christ. His goal is this saturday!! We are crossing our fingers!!! We have faith in him :)
We are also teaching Emelia who has already been taught by old sisters she has a bunch of questions and loves to talk!!! hahaha but she is also a gem. She baught us braclets and it was the sweetest thing! She has potential.
As well a Man named Alexandre, we taught him the first lesson and afterwards he said to me soooo if I continue with church and I want to follow this religion I have the right to be baptized don´t I? :) We said enthusiasticaly YES you do!
I´m really focusing on preparing one of our members Eduardo a recently active member to help more in the missionary work! He loves teaching with us and is really progressing as a person! I´m super happy for him and you can tell he has changed a lot from the first time I met him!
We did a division with some sisters in Vila Real and it was a blast to get to know Sister Miller :) I got sick again this week because I ate pork and I got food poisoning. I don´t like throwing up on the mission. We had to go to the hospital for sister Varuçale again it´s pretty sad she seems to be pretty sick. We are going back next week so they can look inside her. Please pray for her that she will be ok!!! Anyways I love you guys a lot!
I´m in the last part of Jesus the Christ and this week I read about the atonement! It really touched me, I read the three versions we have in the gospels and I just started crying, I don´t have a doubt that Christ suffered for all of us and I feel inside me a burning peace that he knows me and loves me and wants me to be happy. He knows how to fix my problems and wipe my tears. I love Jesus. He is my Savior and redeemer. He voluntarily suffered so I could find peace. I know that His church is here to help us more fully access that peace. Im thankful for this knowledge I have in my life. Love you guys!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was so incredibly awesome!!!!!!
Seriously I am loving every minute here in this area with Sister Irizarry!!
We are just having so much fun and working so so hard! Haha one of our investigators has a dog named chokito he hates me but I want him to like me so I try and pet him but he almost bites me every time, hahaha he is warming up to me!!
But we truly are starting to see the miricles!! We found a man Marcio who just moved here and he came to church!! We hope he will be baptized here and a few weeks! Also on Sunday we were sitting and resting for a minute and a woman came up to us on her bike and asked us if we were mormon! We said yes and she invited us to go to her house and teach her, like what?? God is truly sending us people to teach!!! We are so excited to keep working and we are truly getting better as missionaries. I feel like i am the best missionary I have been and I am so happy and proud to be here! I am so grateful that I can bear my testimony various times in a day about the restoration of the gospel and the Christ leads his churchtoday!! Wow the mission is going good!!
I have been learning a lot about the truth and the obvious fact the Joseph Smith truly saw God the eternal Father and Christ our Savior! It HAPPENED and we are blessed with the fullness of the gospel today!! Love you guys!!

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