Sunday, June 26, 2016

Revelations 3:4 & Baptismo!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was a rollercoaster literally!!! haha we both got sick and I went to the hospital pretty sure I got food poisoning but it's all good. I am better now! haha it was a long week... but we tried working our best and talked with a lot of people! The hardest people we talk with are TJs haha they always acuse us of things that aren't true. Like Sister Irizarry wears a rock necklace and they think that it is voodo and black magic. haha Sister Irizarry-It's just a necklace!!! She said you guys are the ones with the blood contact with the hands right? We said no!! She said oh I think you guys just haven't gotten to that level yet! hahaha we laughed so hard! After that lesson we bore our testimonys to each other that the gospel is real and the church is true!
The whole week we really didn't find a whole lot or teach people with real interest, then Sunday came!! A member brought her cousin Clarissa to church. She is 12 and she said she wants to be baptized. She is so sweet and wants to follow the savior! Then we have an inv. her name is Patricia, she is so intelligent but she is deaf. Her husband is a member but he has been waiting to baptize her! This Sunday he said the opening prayer is sacrament meeting we about cried. This week we will mark her date for baptism!!!!:)
Also on sunday we had 3 lessons with a member present and 1 other lesson with 2 new investigators who accepted baptism!! We had our lesson with Juliana she found us last week on her bike. Her friend that is a member came with us to the lesson and we taught about the Book of Mormon. She said "wow you guys are all so different you have a peace, knowledge, and testimony so different. I want that for me and my family what is the formula?" She said She wants the answer from God and will be baptized when she knows it's true!!! She said we have a love for the gosple she has never seen in any other religion.
Bruno said that our lesson was sooo good and that we are good teachers. What a compliment because he is a return missionary! WOW the mission has miracles and God is just pouring them out on us right now!! We are both just so grateful and so happy. I am just loving Sister Irizarry as my comp!
Scripture of the week: Revelations 3:4 And they shall walk with me in white for they are worthy! Wow this scripture explains perfectly the purpose of missionary and temple work!! We are helping prepare people to be worthy of making covenants of salvation with God the eternal father and Jesus the Christ. Love all of you guys so much, I am so lucky to have the gospel in my life with my eternal family forever!!:)
(Sister Courtney Smith)
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! What a good week!!! It is really just slipping away from me how fast this last part of my mission is going! So this week we actually had to go to the hospital a couple of times to help out Sister Varu├žale!
We really were preparing Manuel to be baptized! He is a very special person. It´s super interesting to find out that there are seriously people prepared to recieve the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is one of these persons! He was so ready to follow the savior!!! He had his interview with our President Amorim and he loved talking with him! He was super super excited to be baptized! He came ready with a suit and everything! He got a manicure so that he would be all clean :) hahaha he´s a sweetheart the only thing he asked is that there would be warm water, but because this life is full of opposition of course something had to happen! The baptismal fonte drained out a half hour before it started!!! No one knows why but the water was all gone!!!! We had to wait an hour and a half so we watched legacy hahaha but the bad part was that the water was still freezing cold!!!!!!! oh man he was so scared to go under the water that the first time he didn't bend his knees!! But the second try he was perfect!!! :) It was so special he bore his testimony afterwards on how he wants to be more like the Savior and how he sells his artwork for less money to help people pay for what they need. He also mentioned he can´t wait to pay tithing on the money he´s earning from his paintings! :) He is amazing. He said that he felt a lot of peace as he left the water like he was a new person :) On Sunday he said when he recieved the Holy Ghost he said that he felt his whole body tremble as brother Silva gave him a blessing :) I loved being able to be there in the special moments of his life! I´m so thankful for our friendship that we have he is a special son of God and will do great great things!
Our investigator Alexandre is also progressing a ton! We watched the restoration with him this week and it really touched him! He said that he feels like Joseph was called of God to be a prophet! It was so neat to bear testimony of him and how the church of Jesus Christ was restored to help us live happy lives the spirit was so strong I´m so honored to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost with me! He was also there at the baptism and he really liked it!!! He says he´s thinking about being baptized on his birthday in JULY!!! Wooohoooo!!! :)
This week I finished Jesus the Christ and I am so thankful I read it!!! Other than the standard scriptures it is the best book I have ever read!!!! I loved every second of it! It really opened up my eyes to Jesus and his gospel. It opened up my eyes to the reality of the Book of Mormon and the truth it has. It opened up my eyes to the infinite love my Savior has for me. As we were in the hospital one day I was reading about the atonement and the crucifiction, as I was flipping the pages in the Holy Bible reading the passages and following along I started bawling. I know Jesus suffered and died willingly for each and every one of us. I know personally that He lives and he was neccesary for my happiness. I know Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for us here and after this life. I´m thankful for the knowledge of the gospel in my life and I know the work that we are doing is to share the knowledge we have :) Knowledge is light and light is truth and truth is happiness. That´s why when we feel the spirit we feel happy and peaceful because it´s testifying of the truth. I would highly recommend reading the atonement  and the crusifiction scriptures together and study the similarites and differences.
I made 15 months on Saturday needless to say it´s been one great week! I love this time I have here! Love you all! Have a good week!

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