Monday, June 6, 2016

(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week we saw some miracles!! We had our interviews with our president! It was so great, because he gave us the goal of finding new investigators everyday before we even teach our pre-existing ones. That way we always have people to teach and we always hit our goals!
This week Erika went to church, so amazing, she brought her daughters as well and they loved it!! It was so special, and I felt so happy when I saw her show up! Thank you for all of your prayers for her, she is starting to realize the value in our church and in the temples.
This week we met a secret agent it was super interesting, he is also a Master at Kung Fu. Haha he didn't want visits or anything, but it is interesting all the people you meet out here!
I have really seen the Lords hand in my life and in the mission. He really is preparing people for us! Thursday of this week we didn't have too much time to make contacts but we only knocked the doors of 2 homes and they both let us in and teach a message! Wow if all houses could be like that! I am really enjoying the mission! We will find out about transfers this week, we will see if i leave the area for my last 2 transfers of the mission, time sure is flying by!! We studied 2 Nephi 31 with a recent convert of Sister Irizarry, Nei. He just got called to be the first counselor of the elders quorum. He got so nervous and said it was a huge trial. I was able to bear my testimony to him that he was called by the Lord because he is such an example and has a special spirit when he talks about his conversion. He has  only been a convert for 7 months, he gave a talk and did great!! He started crying and thanked us for our visits and helping him stay strong!! I love his family!!! I├žara is going great, we are just waiting for a baptism now! Haha it is so funny that like at least 5 times a day people say oh you have beautiful eyes, those are eyes of God. It is funny but i think that they really can tell that the Gospel of Christ looks different! Love you all have a great week!!
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week has been pretty strange to be honest. I´m really not sure what to write except the basics... So our tripla has really been improving!!! We are teaching a lot more effectively and we are finding a bunch of success!!! Man I love these girlies we just have a blast! Being in a tripla is a lot more fun the I thought it would be!!! Well Manuel from the last week has been improving like crazy!!! We had taught the first lesson to him this week and he was asking all the perfect questions and was soooo worried when we taught him about Prophets that there isn´t one today without the priesthood! hahaha we said to stay sad because we have good news ;) it was so perfect he understood so well that Jesus need to restore his church again through a prophet with the power of God :) We invited him to be baptized on June 11th and he accepted right away!!! He is so ready to find the truth!!! Sometimes God likes to test our faith, that day we had so many appointments and none of them worked until we taught him!!! It was such a testimony builder to me that when we put our faith in the Lord he will always do his part, ALWAYS :)
Some sad news is that a sister in our mission lost her father last week :( Out of nowhere passed away and she had to go back to the states to the funeral. She is probably one of the happiest missionary and person that I know! She has a light shining from her. she is staying so strong. Because i´m in a tripla they sent me to serve in her area with her comp. We have already been seeing some miracles! I just want to leave her area very well taken care of! We taught a woman named Maria and she is very very very elect and normal!!! I´ve met very few of these people here in Portugal! She in catholic not practicing and is so ready to accept the gospel! It was up until this point one of the best first lessons I´ve ever taught! She said she will be baptized when she knows the book is true, she wants to follow God and make him a bigger part of her life! It was such a perfect lesson. She asked us to share our testimonies and  our experiences no one does that! She just kept saying uau que lindo, wow so pretty to everything we said!! When we got to Joseph smith she just kept repeating que lindo que lindo :) Sister Sousa is an amazing comp with an amazing testimony and I´m just enjoying this week with her because by Friday i´ll be back in my area :) I am so thankful for the church of Jesus Christ. It helps me become more like my Savior and I feel so close to God :) a scripture that I studied this morning is in 3 Nephi Chapter13:33 My testimony is that I know of this scripture to be true especially after this last week. God blesses us when we look to serve, help, love, and show him :) Have a good week!
33: But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

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