Monday, June 27, 2016

Tranfers!!! & Truly finding myself!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
That´s right this week we had transfers and it was great!!! It was really sad too. I felt that it was my time to leave Foz but I will always miss the people there. It was hard to say goodbye especially to some members that are so dear to me, lots of tears were shed. But I´m super grateful to be serving with my new comp Sister Sousa!!!
I´m in Porto 1 right now :) It has been the longest week because we walk like crazy! I don´t think I´ve ever walked so much in my whole mission! I´m excited I'll be getting in shape :) There are some cool people here too, a couple weeks ago I did a division here with Sister Sousa so I already feel like we know the area really well :) It´s a big area but the cities are very small and farm like, there´s always tractors driving in the road and randomly we will see goats in the street! It´s extremely different from my last area that's compared to be Beverly Hills so it´s a good switch up! I also got to see sister Nagliati one of my old comps and she is training! I'm so proud of her :) I also saw yesterday an old friend from my first area It was such a miracle! actually this week is full of little miracles I love seeing the Lords hand in my life!!! :) sorry I don´t have much time this week so you get pictures!!
(Sister Makelle Smith)
Hey everyone, this week was great again! Haha the last part of the mission really is the best part! We are getting tons of investigators and the members are really helping here and spreading the gospel to everyone they know! We are getting references like no other! We are having trouble fitting everyone in our schedules because everyone lives in different neighborhoods! But our investigator Patricia is so amazing and is progressing so much. She is going to get baptized probably the 9th of July! She is deaf and I am able to sign with her a little bit, she understands my finger spelling so awesome!:)
Also our other investigator Robert is 16 and came to church he said he felt so comfortable and felt a peace in his life! In young mens he even said to the teacher that he wants to serve a mission and marry his girlfriend in the temple!! So neat!!! he is on date in July as well!! One night we went to his house and he started crying and said he didn't know if God really loves him or if he will give him an answer. And I remember bearing a testimony full of love as if he was one of my own family members that God truly does love him and that he will do such great things in life!! Wow I remember crying and he felt the spirit so strong!! He is reading the BOM and he knows the church is true!!
Also we have Francielly who has been prepared for 20 years for us. She loves the church and wants to be baptized, she just wants her nephew who is serving a mission for another year to baptize her. We challenged her to pray about the date 23/7/16 to be baptized and she said that who would be the question of the week! She loves to have topics of her week to study about and pray about. She is the most perfect investigator! She has a little boy Arthur who is almost 1, cutest thing ever. I will get some pics with these people soon!!
Also Jefferson who is married to a member who wants to be sealed to his wife. He has just always been pressured to be baptized so he never did and asked God for himself, he felt like an (animal) but we taught him again and he accepted to pray for himself and go to church for him! He said that Sister Irizarry got lucky with me because he said I am Gente boa, which means a good person!! What a compliment! But man I love our investigators! Truly I am loving all of them so much, my heart has just grown here!! I feel like I am truly finding myself. I feel like I have found my personality and truly what I believe and what I want in life! I am eternally grateful for the Brasil Florianopolis mission and for the blessing God is pouring out on us!! Love all you guys!!

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