Monday, June 6, 2016

Turning into the best person God wants me to be! & Last Transfer !

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Wow has the week flown by!!! Every week just goes by faster and faster! Sometimes I don´t believe it´s already June! It´s kind of hitting me that I'm at the end of my mission but I´m going to enjoy my time here because before I know it it´s going to really be the end. Well to start off I finished the first part of the week with Sister Sousa. We taught her investigators and it was such a blessing to be a part of helping these people come unto Christ!!! Their area is very blessed with people ready for the gospel!! I loved doing contacts over there it felt super natural!!! :) hahaha we laughed so much almost every day something hilarious would happen!
Monday we met a man named eduardo and he loved talking to us and making us laugh with his jokes he said wait a second i´ll be back I want to show you my new earrings I bought today! He came back with two cherrys on each ear, he looked at us with a big smile and said don´t be jealous they are one of a kind hahahaha.
Tuesday we had Mission council which was awesome!! I really enjoyed it, we saw a different side of president that we are not used to seeing. He had an incredibly hard week and he kept crying as he shared experiences with his own family, misssionaries, and the mission. We don´t have any goals this month we are all just focusing on being 100% obediente!! It is the best goal I think we could make!
Man I can´t believe the miracles we saw this week because of the focus on being 100% obedient! President Amorim really inspired me to be the best "me" that I can be. I think that´s one of the best things I learned this week is that God knows me very personally and knows my capacities! I´m thankful for this knowledge! I read the story of the widow in Luke 21: 1-4. The savior says she casts in all the living that she hath. It really touched me in that when I´m giving God all that I have every day God notices and acknowledges it. After this week I know that it´s true. Even when we feel like we don´t have much to give, God knows when we are giving all that we can :) After the meeting we taught their investigators that are marked for baptism and they are a riot! They are one of the cutest couples ever ready to be baptized! They have a similar story to the one of President Hunter and his wife Claire the funniest thing is that Sister Sousa forgot the keys to the house and we had to stay outside until 12 pm!!!!!! It was super sad! The Elders in the office came to our rescue with keys and a sandwhich from Mcdonalds :)
On Wednesday we taught Manuela the cutie who is 85 years old!! I´m pretty sure she is one of my new favorite people because she literally thought I was Portuguese!!! hahahaha she was telling me about he pain and the doctors appointments and she said wow it´s so nice to be able to talk to two missionaries who already speak portuguese because you can understand exactly what I´m saying! hahaha I said well I´m actually American and she was so shocked!! hahaha she said are you sure??? :) Then half way through the lesson she mentioned again wow you speak so well I could have sworn you were from Portugal!!! hahahahah Granted she is 85 years old but I´m going to take it!!! She is such a sweetheart and reminds me a lot of Grandma George :)
On Thursday we had our Zone meeting and it went pretty well. We talked all about obedience! I made little cards for all of the sisters with their name and some our our goals for the month of june :) the scripture of the month is Alma 32: 27, 42-43. We are supposed to plant the seed of obedience in our hearts and put enough faith to expirement the promise that it will be the best month of our missions. We will reap our rewards with a fruit more white than white ;) We will baptise more than ever before!!! I trust in the promise of our president! To remind the sisters I gave them a white daisy! :) We also met a man named Ivo who is from a different religion and we asked if we could share a message and start with a prayer he said yes I can. We stood in silence for about five minutes and sister Sousa said ok? and he said thanks for coming over! hahaha we said we haven't shared the message yet! hahaha we ended up giving him a pamflet he laughed and explained in his church they all pray silently even when you are in a group... hahaha awkward silent prayer.
Sister Sousa also has a talent of immitating sounds!! She can sound like whatever missionary in the mission!!! She cracked me up all week!
On friday I returned back to Foz!! Man Is it good to be back!!! I missed my area so much! I couldn´t believe it! We taught Manuel the first part of the Plan of salvation :) He loved it! We also talked about the word of wisdom and how God wants him to be healthy! He totally accepted it! He is truley elect and ready to follow God and his commandments! we also met Alexandre a man who already knows the church and seems interested. we also taught two other lessons. On saturday we finished the second lesson with Manuel and he ate it up!!! He wants to go to the celestial kingdom and he really wants to go to the temple! He wants to help contribute to build the temple here in Portugal! :) He makes my heart full of joy! He is the sweetest person you´ll meet! He´s also an artist and makes things of wood and is an amazing painter! The picture of him and one of his pieces :) We keep seeing miracles everyday! Sunday Manuel and Alexandre came to church with us!!! :) God is truley blessing this area! I´m so thankful to be apart of this work! I know God is helping me turn into the person he wants me to be! It´s also getting really warm here!!! Yay summer days ahead!!! Love you guys!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
Hey! So today will be kinda crazy! I am being transfered to a different area, Sao Jose!
My new comp will be Sister Irizarry, super fun! I will miss Sister Dourado!

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