Monday, July 18, 2016

Baptism & 16 Months!

(Sister Makelle Smith) 
BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!! Patricia was baptized and it was one of the most special yet!!!
So Patricia is deaf, and the whole ward is starting to learn sign language to be able to communicate with her!! At the baptism there was a translator and the kids sang a hymn and another deaf boy signed the words:) Wow so so cute!!! She said she felt so good and that she was happy!! Wow you could just feel the love the God has for her and her family!!! Everyone is so inspired by her!! I love her so much!! I got to do her hair and makeup after and that was a ton of fun!!! 
We weren't able to visit Robert this week we thought he wasn't interested anymore because he said he had a bday party on Sunday so he couldn't go to church. But then Sunday came around and he came and brought his cousin for the first 2 hours!!! So neat, I just love him. We will be visiting him tonight and we will try to mark a date for baptism!! We taught Carlos and Marcia, they both said they know the BOM  is a true book they just are wanting to know if this is the true and only church.  They said they would pray about that this week! Marcia started crying and said that we have a light in our eyes, we know that truth and we are certain that this path brings us back to the presence of Heavenly Father!! Wow I know that the spirit testifies and bears testimony of the truth to Gods children!!! 
Ok so scripture of the week Mosiah 3:17-18. Truly it is only through the name of Christ that man can be saved in the Kingdom of God, We are able to take upon us the name of Christ through the covenant of Baptism. The name of Christ literally has the power to protect, guide, and save us. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ!! He is the creator of all things and is the God of the old testament, I know that He is our Lord and our redeemer that guided and gave revelation to the prophets of the old testement. God and Jesus Christ are one but two separate beings who exist and can help us everyday! I know these simple truths and they have saved me life. 
I love this mission and the opportunity to share this gospel with Brasil!
love you guys!!
(Sister Courtney Smith) 
Well I'm pretty sure this week went by way to fast we weren´t even able to keep up!!! I really am starting to forget everything that´s happening in the week because we kind of do the same thing all day every day you know? :) But some cool things happened this week.... 
1. Our numbers skyrocketed!!! We found 5 new people to teach!!! We taught so many first lessons this week it was amazing!!!! We watched the restoration with a couple investigators and it was super cool!! I don´t think I can count how many times I've watched it on my mission but it never ever gets old! Yesterday we watched it in English with Maria do Carmo and Zé Pedro (her son). They are very posh and old. They watch movies in English hahaha. It was super cool to teach them again because it´s been since the division we had last transfer that we taught her. The cool part is that she said she has a huge curiosity of what we teach. She reads the Book of Mormon every day at work when she has time and she wants to know why two young women would spend a year and a half of their lives to helping others and not get paid for it. Hahaha we told her because the Holy Spirit testified to both of us many times that this message is true. And as diciples of Christ we believe it's our responsibility to share what we know with others so they can feel the peace and happiness that comes from the restored gospel. Shes so cute she just was in awe and is excited to know more :) Her husband is in England and just so happens to be staying in a mormon home!!! Miracles do happen! 
We have been teaching the mother of a recent convert Tynara! She is the mother of the Brazilian family :) She fell at work so she got a week off!!! We took advantage and taught her almost everyday!! She believes our message is true and says that one day when she knows more her and her husband will be baptized together!!! She works like crazy and until Syderly can get a job she can't come to church. Syderly, Tynara, João, e Pepe came to church this week!!! It was a miracle!!! :) They haven't come to church in a while and Syderly has been avoiding us! It was his birthday on Saturday so we made him some cookies and sang to him happy birthday :) We wanted to show the importance of going to church so we made up a little skit :) Hahaha girls camp experience comes in handy on the mission ;) We pretended that it was my birthday and that I was super excited for sister Sousa to come to my party, we brought out the cookies and the decorations and the family got excited hahahaha. Then sister Sousa didn't come to my party so I gave her a call and she said she forgot and that she wanted to sleep. I was really sad that one of my best friends couldn't celebrate with me. They were all really sad because I was at my party all alone... hahaha. Then we let them know that this is how God feels when we don't remember Him on his special day. Sunday is the Lord´s day and we go to church to remember Him. We take the sacrament to celebrate the ability to be free from sin and have a happy life as members of his church. They were really impressed! Syderly said see Tynara you need to go every week! Then Tyrnara said your´re right! Then I said well Syderly you know God feels the same way about you too when you don´t go! It got really quite and he understood! So when he came with the family it was such a blessing to see how the spirit touched them in that lesson :) 
We taught a family from Angola!!!! Oh how I love people from Angola!!!! I have met so many people on my mission from Angola who are so prepared for the gospel! This family is one more of those!! Their kids kill me I promise I will adopt some Angolan kids when I get older and have a family I have a special love for them!!! 
We also taught Melena from last week about the Book of Mormon and she got way excited to read it :) She is amazing! We also met Ulga a widow her husband died when she was a young mother of a daughter who was 13 months. She has had a lot of hard times in her life, we taught the first lesson ( she has already talked with many many many missionaries) but she became more calm during our lesson she started crying as we told her because of the authority brought back to the earth she will be able to see her husband again and she will have more light in her life. We sang Josephs first prayer as she was crying, it was a lesson I will never forget. I love testifying of the truth and how people can find out for themselves!!! I love being a missionary and helping people know more about this message thats so important! We said goodbye to Ándres, Tyrnara´s cousin. He went back to England. He had been coming to church and the activities. We read the message from the Prophet Thomas S Monson about making choices. And he really felt that´s what he needed to know that we need to make the harder right choice than the easier wrong one. We sang to him God be with you until we meet again, we bore testimony of the friendships we create in the church and how the spirit will always help us lift one another. He started crying. He prayed and asked God that we would always be teaching people and that more people would open their hearts to hear our message. He  told us it was such a blessing to get to know the missionaries and our message and that he will continue reading the Book of Mormon in England. He is a special friend that I will never forget. Although we didn´t baptized him while he was here I know that we planted a seed that will never be lost in his heart. I am so thankful for my mission that has helped me see the importance in serving our brothers and sisters. I make 16 months today and I couldn´t be more grateful to be here on the mission. We sang my favorite hymn yesterday at church I stand all amazed. There's a line in Portuguese that says all that I have, my life I give unto him because of how wonderful it is to me to know that my savior lived and died for me. I bawled in sacrament meeting as we remembered of the savior. This is my chance to give my life and everything I am to the people here in Portugal but as well to the Lord. I couldn´t be in a better place!! Love you guys!

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