Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Firm unwavering testimony!

(Sister Courtney Smith)
Well this week was pretty cool. To be completley honest I can´t really remember a whole lot of what happened besides the fact it´s been crazy hot here!!! I´m sweating like crazy!
We were really trying to prepare for the Arraial which is a typical Brazilian party! We gave tons of invites!!! We made some posters as well for the food :) As far as missionary work goes it´s been good, we are in a phase where we are trying to find the elect people who are ready to be baptized ;) We unfortunetly had to let go of quite a few investigators this week because they really just don´t have interest in learning and progressing... So we spent a lot of our time knocking doors and contacting people. Something that I actually really like about this area is that it´s quite easy to talk to people! :)
As time goes on the easier and easier it is to talk to random people! I´m really trying to let everybody know about our message and how it can change their lives! Well the party finally came and we brought Tynara and her cousin Andres & Steph couldn't come because she had to work! but they abosolutley loved it!!!!!! hahaha they are from brazil so they felt right at home! :) I got to see sister Nagliati which was a blast and meet her investigator. I also saw the Ashbys which is always a pleasure! They are pretty much my favorite missionary couple out here! We got to watch some dances and there were a bunch of games :) We also had a visit from Elder Kearon again. It was really inspiring to hear his words and feel his love for us. I have so much respect for the leaders of the church. They are very big role models to me of how I want to be when I´m older. Something that I´ve been learning this week is how important it is that we nourish our own testimony. I´ve been studying a lot and learning about the early church in the book Our Heritage. I finished today and it is an amazing compilation of the church history. I am amazed and the legacy they have left for us. It really makes me appreciate the history we have and how much faith our brothers and sisters had in the Lord and his restored gospel. I would highly recomend reading it! It reminded me of a talk I read today in conference given by Bonnie Oscarson. She talks about faith and how as members sometimes we know all the facts or the main stories in the scriptures but do we really BELIEVE the doctrine and the principles that we claim the know? I was pondering about my testimony and how really it is so important to help it grow every day or sometimes we can doubt what we know to be true. Something I'm striving for is a firm unwavering testimony of Jesus Christ and his church so I can always say "I believe" in all times and all things and all places :) I got chills reading this talk and really inspired me to be constantly looking for opportunities to build my personal testimony and those that I teach. I know that this church is true and that God has plan so perfect for us. :) I'm so thankful for all of the lessons the mission is teaching me. 9 more weeks ahead!!!!

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