Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July, about 2months!

(Sister  Makelle  Smith)
So this week will be pretty fast, but time is just flying over here!!
This week a lot of our investigators fell through and didn't have interest anymore. Super sad when you start to really love the people and hope that they will choose the right thing, but we did our part and helped them be able to choose and know the truth! Our president came to our ward this week and we had 10 investigators at church, so awesome!!! The members are really helping us out! This ward is the best!! We had zone conference and we had the theme jump from the boat. He told the story about peter and when he jumped out of the boat and walked on water. We need to be like him and try to do hard things. It was neat because there was a real blowup boat in the room and Sister Irizarry and I were able to jump out of the boat promising that we will work hard until the end of our missions!! Special experience!! 
Patricia will be baptized this next week and Robert is having doubts, I think his mom isn't wanting him to be baptized, we will talk with them tonight, pray for ROBERT!!!!

We are happy and doing good here!! Have a great week!!!:)
(Sister Courtney  Smith) 
Well this week got back on track! Another week that flew by :) So I guess all I have to say this week is that miracles happen :) We are helping quite a few people here but they all have situations that are complicated! I remember the chapter in Alma  that talks about faith it´s like a seed and we have to plant it and believe that something will happen. Well we started this week with a lot of fire and faith!!! We have been teaching a family from Brazil one of the daughters Tynara is a recent convert but the rest of the family isn´t baptized yet. well she has her two cousins that are staying with her for a little bit named Stef and Andres they are pretty cool and super interested in our message! Well we had a bunch of faith and we asked them to be baptized Andres said he would think about it but it was the very first lesson he had so we weren´t surprised but stef said she would pray about it and then respond to us the next day, well we went back and we taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and after we talked about the 5 main points we asked her if she took our challenge to pray to see if she needed to be baptized in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints! She said she prayed and she felt a really peaceful feeling and a lot of joy :) It was incredible so we asked her if that was a yes and she said yes!!!!!!!!!! :) man We left that lesson on cloud nine!!!! I just remember praying the night before and that morning with a lot of Faith that she would feel something so great! We said a prayer of gratitude and I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I know now more than ever that God answers our prayers, he listens to what we say, and his spirit testifies to us what is true in this life! I am so so so so grateful for this chance to feel the joy that comes from helping others know and feel the truth. I'm thankful that God trusts me enough to share his message with the people here in Portugal :) I'm thankful to know the plan of salvation is real and we have a purpose here in this life! I love being able to help my brothers and sister come unto Christ there is nothing like it :) Fourth of July was a good Pday! :) I really like the beach, it ´s cool how every day I´m coming to know my savior Jesus Christ  he´s helping me become a better me! 10 MORE WEEKS ITS REALLY CRAZY 10 MORE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm only freaking out a little bit!  :) Love you guys!! 

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