Monday, July 11, 2016

Plan & fill the treasure chest!

(Sister Makelle Smith) 
This week was great!! We did a training in our district meeting about how we need to plan and fill the treasure chest. Which represents we need to study and plan for our investigators so then in the moment the Spirit will guide us of what we need to say and teach! It was super fun. We had balloons with treasure inside and they had to throw the balloon in the chest! 
This week we taught a family Marcia and Carlos who have been to church 3 times now!! They are super interested and are praying to know if the restoration happened!! They are really spiritual people!! The whole ward loves them!! 
Robert is having a rough time but this week we will talk with him if he wants to get baptized or not, so please everyone pray for him!!! 
Patricia will be baptized this saturday!! This sunday a irma(sister) did the relief society lesson in sign language!! Patricia felt so happy!! She is so so ready and I love her so much! She will have her sisters graduation after so I  will do her hair after. I'm super excited!!:) 
A young man Mateus has been going to church for a while but felt like he couldn'tcouldn't follow the church for the rest of his life. We had a lesson and Douglas an awesome member here went with us and helped him understand why baptism is so important, they both want to be pilots!! Mateus accepted the date 23/7/16!!! Wow miracles are happening! We are trying to work hard and it's paying off!! We are just being so blessed here! I literally love this ward. It has been the best ward I have ever lived in!! This ward is a true example of how the church is!! I know that God lives and He TRULY listens to us when we pray. I know that He answers prayers and will help us in our lives!!

Have a great week!!!:)

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