Monday, August 29, 2016

Really proud about the work we are doing & Saying Goodbye Home in 2 days!

(Sister Courtney Smith) 
Well this week just flew by right before my eyes. It´s really strange that I only have one more week of normal proselyting because next week we will be having conferences with Elder Zwick!!!! :) So needless to say my mission is coming to an end :( But i´m really going to take advantage of the time I have because I don´t want to say goodbye to this chapter of my life.. it´s so good.

Well the biggest news is that God really did bless us this week!!! All the sudden after pday ended we went to a meeting with a new investigator named Rosa. We taught a powerful lesson and she just looked at us and told us that she thinks she finally found the church shes been looking for :) we all were in tears and we were so excited to help her get to know our message!! She was very excited about the book of mormon and accepted our invite for baptism!! We showed her the church on Wednesday and she really liked it... she went into the baptismal font room and she looked at us and said I don't know why but I really want to be baptized! :) We taught her the second lesson and she really enjoyed learning what her purpose is in this life. She has a crazy back story but she has a lot of potential. She is so funny because in the end of the lesson she started singing Bob Marley song Happiness. hahahaha it made our whole day! She´s a gem, she wants to be baptized the weekend before i leave!!!! What a miracle it is!!!!!!!!!! God just handed her to us and it really is a sign to me that when we do our best and work hard we see success. Maybe not a lot or when we want it but it comes. I felt so much love from my Heavenly Father... I was not expecting to receive a blessing like this so when it came it literally felt so surreal!!! We taught the third lesson and she really loved learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She sang another Bob Marley song don't worry about a think cause every little thing is going to be alright.... hahahaha she just brightens our day :) She already wants to help others know about the message too! She came to church and is learning a lot so Please Pray for her!!!! :)

We also found a woman from Angola!!!! Her name is Rita and she is amazing!!!! She is a teacher, and she is apart of an evangelic church the kingdom of God well she saw our church when she was visiting Texas but she was too shy to ask about it because she doesn't speak English very well so when we knocked her door she was happy to let us come back and share our message with her :) She lives right down the street from our church so we are excited to have her visit next week. She really understood our message and she was so intrigued to read the book of mormon and find out for her self!! She has three kids and two grandchildren. We get to meet them next time :) She was so cute she asked when we would visit again WE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO ASK... THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN! :) I have a love for Angolans they seriously are the best people you´ll ever meet! She also gave us a coconut tart! :) Gotta love it!

We talked with Joaquim for the first time. He is an old investigator from the elders who is a member of the jehova witness church, and he had a lot of questions about the book of mormon and didn't quite understand why we would need more scriptures or a new prophet. It was one of my favorite moments to explain my testimony and my knowledge of the gospel. God really gave us his spirit to teach him and help him understand the importance of the Restoration. He agreed to really give the book of mormon a chance and that he will pray :) We have a meeting next Saturday!

So as you can see the week had some really high points!!! Our personal numbers have been the best they have ever been in this area since I´ve been here and I feel really proud about the work that we are doing :) I know that our church is the church of Christ and that he restored his gospel through Joseph Smith. I know that the book of mormon is a proof of that very statement :) I love being able to bring this message into the lives of those here in Portugal!!!!!! Have a good week! 

(Sister Makelle Smith) - Coming Home in 2 Days! Will post then...

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