Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Splash zone! & Training!

(Sister Makelle Smith)
This week was pretty good!! We have been able to visit more of our investigators this week! We taught a new investigator Marisa who is the mom of Jaqeline who is a member! She has been to church a ton of times, she just was never baptized! She loves the missionaries. We taught her the restoration and she knows that she needs to be baptized and she wants to be a member of the church so she can watch her daughters sealing in the temple in the future!! So neat! Her and Robert have the same baptism date!!
We are also teaching Romulo who is so dang cute and progressing a lot! We invited him to pray last week and he said he would pray and ponder when he went to fly his kite! Apparently kite flying is super popular here. He said for days he felt really happy and light. He said that was his answer from God that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the church is true!! He wants to be baptized!! We just need to talk with his mom. If she doesn't get baptized I don't know if Romolo can be because he is only 13. But pray for them so they can all be baptized this month!! Haha when we were at Romulos house we were all drinking cevada and eating crackers when I was telling a funny story, Sister Irizarry took a big sip and she laughed so hard she spit her cevada all over me. Hahahaha we laughed so hard it was like from a movie, I got soaked, I was in the splash zone!
We visited Robert and he is still doing well, he just needs to commit to stop drinking coffee. He doesn't even like it, he just drinks it because he hasn't seen a difference if he drinks it or not. But please pray so he can stop drinking it! This week has been great and we are excited to keep teaching this week too!! Thank you for all of your support and help I love you guys so much!!💞
(Sister Courtney Smith)
Hey so this pday was aboslutley crazy!!!!! Hey mom!! Guess what i´m training!! So I don't have time to write but i'm ok and alive and I love you!!! :) Have a good week!

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